COB Warm & Cool White LED Wash Stage Par Light 100W

  • Model Number: N-PC100
Model NO. Light source
N-PC100 100W COB led CW+WW
N-PC200 200W COB led RGBW


Newfeel Cob Par Light N-PC100


【Atmosphere Creation】This stage light has 3 luxury colors light---warm white(3200K) & cold white(5600K) & warm yellow, it creates warm, sweet and luxury atmosphere for wedding, church events, home party, light shows, birthday etc. occasions.【Search asin:B07GFF85D3 on amazon if you need the barn door for this kit】

【4 Different Mode】Like other stage light, par light, this strobe effect projection light has 4 different control mode-auto/sound/DMX512/master-slave, it meets different needs. Easy for professionals or amateurs to use.

【COB 100W /200W Light Source】The use of COB light makes this stage light more stable, better heat dissipation, more efficient, and make the light color pure and even.

【Long Lifespan】With the COB technology, this light is more efficient, better heat dissipation, and the build-in cooling fan also helps cool it down while using, which prolong the life of this life to 5,000-10,000 hours.

【Warranty】We offer free return and full refund if you are not satisfied in 30 days. And 180 days free replacement if any problem issue happens during this period. So what are you waiting for?

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Light, 1 x Power cable, 2 x Bracket, 2 x Screw, 1 x User Manual

 is a COB technology stage par light,it's one of the most professional COB lighting. With the cob technology and 100W power source.It's shines adjustable super bright and pure light. Warm white(3200K) & cold white(5600K) & White(4500k)---3 different light color creates luxury atmosphere and different strobe effect like fading,jumping,flashing make it meet different occasion use like wedding,church events,home party,light shows,birthday etc. DMX512/master-slave 4 different modes makes it user-friendly not only for lighting engineers but also beginners.

A wide beam stage wash light with both cool and warm white LEDs, ideal where variable color temperature is required from 3400K warm to 7400K cool.

Using the latest COB LED technology this stage wash can fill any small to medium stage with color. The COB1002 uses one 100 Watt COB LED. This PAR is packed with features which can be controlled from the lights menu display found on the reverse. There are built-in fade programmers, and a sound active mode if desired. The temperature output can also be selected from this menu, making it a straightforward light to operate. 

For stage use or greater control, any suitable DMX controller can be used. 2 or 6 channel modes allow the user to control the light exactly how they want. The dual brackets enable both floor mounting and suspension from a suitable lighting bar. DMX can be daisy chained via 3 pin XLRs connections. Some versions have a fixed power lead, some have Power on, and if this is important please check before buying, thanks.

N-PC100 Effect

N-PC100 Effect

N-PC100W   COB surface Par light lamp

Power Supply:AC110-240v,50-60HZ

power: 100W

color: 1 x 100 w warm white + white color mixture

Lifespan: 100000 when Andy City 

Channel: 4/8 channels (digital display)

Control: DMX512 master-slave control, self-propelled voice, gradual, transition, 

Carton Size: 240x240x390mm

Color: black

roduct NW:3Kg

Shell: die casting aluminum alloy

N-PC100W  200W  RGBW 4in1 LED par light 

Power supply:AC90V-240V,50Hz/60Hz

Light source:Everlihgt brand High illuminance imported LED chip

Quantity of chip:RGBW 4IN1


Optical lens: Dot-matrix compound eye optical system 

Color Temperature deviation: ±5%

Color rendering index: CRI 85 Ra

Manual Dimmer:0%~100%

Beam angle: 120°





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