Bluetooth Cell phone App DIY Animation RGB Laser light F2990-B 2000mW

  • Model Number: F2990-B
Model No.  Red Laser Green Laser Green Laser Note
F2990-B R500mw/638nm  G500mw/520nm  B1000nm/450nm App control (Android)
F2990 R300mw/638nm  G500mw/520nm  B1000nm/450nm
F2800 R300mw/638nm  G80mw/520nm  B1000nm/450nm
F2750 R300mw/638nm  G80mw/520nm  B120nm/450nm
All kinds of OED, ODM available, for more details please consule our professional sales representatives.

F2-Series Portable RGB Animation Laser Light

New Feel F2900 1800mW Blue tooth Cell phone App DIY Animation RGB

Laser light.

The F2-Serie provides entry level computer controllable show laser light solutions for very low prices , All systems are equipped with fast 20kpps scanners. These laser systems come with Auto-run ,music activated, DMX control mode. DMX512 and RJ45 interface optional- so they can be used in stand-alone mode as well as within an existing DMX line - and for more professional use they are equipped with an ILDA interface for computer control.

Product name

APP remote control mini size rgb animation laser light 


AC90V-240V, 50-60HZ

Laser power

F2800/F2800-B : 1380mw RGB

F2990/F2990-B :  2000mw RGB

Laser wavelength

F2800/F2800-B : R300mw/638nm ; G80mw/532nm ; B1000nm/450nm

F2990/F2990-B : R500mw/638nm ; G500mw520nm ; B1000nm/450nm

Type of Laser

Imported Semiconductor Solid State Laser

Beam diameter/divergent angle

< 5mm / < 2.0mrad

Laser color

seven colors

Scanning system

15kpps scanner, scanning angle (+20°)

Modulation signal

TTL modulation

Operating Interface

LCD Display

Laser Patterns

15 groups of pattern library, 1900 patterns

Control mode

MX512 signal control / Auto-run /Music control/ master-slave / 

APP control and Remote control (optional)

Control interface 

International universal DXM512 interface, RJ45 interface,

DMX Channel


PDMX functions

Pattern break pen, rotate, move, zoom, fade, change color, change size, etc.

Working environment

indoor (-10-40℃)

Cooling system


Housing color 

Black  or White


Disco,Bar, DJ, club, party, KTV; Theater; Night bar, ballroom, small bar

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LaserF2 Bluetooth control 2W RGB Laser Animation Lights 1900 Patterns LED Stage Laser Light DMX-512 Sound Activated, ILDA for Parties Show Party Wedding Dance Lighting

Looking for a suitable buy on 2w rgb laser? Explore an extensive variety of the first-class 2w rgb laser on to discover one which fits you! The 2W LaserF2 thru manner of way of NewFeel Lasers is a powerful, portable, and easy-to-use laser machine designed with DJs, Musicians and Live Performers in mind. Stunning laser suggests can also additionally be created in mins the utilization of the loose HuoyueApp software program and any PC, Mac, or Android device. Experience infinite creativity with integrated capabilities like visualizer, Effects, Abstracts, Animations, Beam Shows, Freehand Drawing, Custom Text, Clock Display, Games, Logo and Animation Import, and lots more!  

I’ll start off with the aid of using announcing that the NewFeel Lasers LaserF2 is one of the coolest devices I’ve tinkered with in a while. This compact steel container is able to placing on complete salvation laser mild indicates in live performance with an easy-to-use Windows, Mac, or Android app, and gives abilities not like something I’ve visible in its rate class. Starting at just $99, you’ll get a completely extraordinary little tool that’s awesome for dance clubs, artwork installations, concerts, and different occasions wherein colourful and specific visuals may want to are available in handy.

  This 3*4*8-inch metallic dice packs in effective red, green, and blue lasers, mixed with transferring mirrors to task brightly lit animations, nevertheless images, or even video video games onto a lot any flat surface. The fundamental version gives up 800mW of power, whilst the Pro model receives 2 watt. Despite its power, it is able to even run on battery – up to two hours with the fundamental version, and three hours with the Pro version.

  Keep in thoughts that this reason isn't a toy – and lasers this effective can motive everlasting I harm if you aren’t cautious with them. That said, the LaserF2 has a couple of protection mechanisms in region to make sure that it can’t be switched on except you've got each its key and circuit dongle in region. Aimed at a projection surface – or targeted as a minimum three meters above the heads of people, it’s safe, however I nevertheless suggest that you completely teach yourself on the usage of lasers earlier than shopping for or the usage of some thing like this. It’s smooth to mount too, with a well-known tripod screw thread on its bottom. Wicked Lasers additionally gives its personal compact tripod and ball for $5, however any tripod will do the trick, and is possibly to offer extra versatility than this stubby little guy.

  The LaserF2900 works hand in hand with HuoyueApp, which affords a myriad of visuals to play without of the box. The software program installs easily, and affords a short and intuitive interface that is so responsive that you may even use it in a stay overall performance setting. There’s a extraordinary academic that NewFeelLasers posted here. It comes pre-loaded with over three hundred nevertheless pix, a hundred animations, and affords the potential to import your personal pix as well.There is likewise a handwriting mode, you may draw the sample you need together along with your finger. Animations may be set to conform primarily based totally on audio beats thru any of your computer's audio inputs, as well as thru MIDI manage. In addition, every visible may have results carried out to it, lots of which reply to audio as well. You also can create sequences aka “playlists” of visuals which may be performed lower back in order. However, that element of HuoyueApp is limited, and does not offer any kind of timeline view, which could make it a great deal extra powerful. That said, the LaserCube is well suited with many expert laser manage programs like ILDA/DMX512/Auto-run/Sound-active/Master-slave/SD, and Modulaser, which offer a deeper degree of manage, albeit with a steeper getting to know curve.

There are a group of pre-loaded dance animations that are particularly incredible for synchronizing with music, and you may additionally make summary geometric animations, textual content strollers, and lots more. It additionally has the potential to do beam showswhich must using a fog device (and cautious placement) to revel in their impact to the fullest. I did not have a fog device mendacity around, however here is a little display that LaserF2 published on YouTube:

Video 1:
Video 2:
Video 3:

While I loaded a few nevertheless photos of my personal, I didn’t control to create any of my personal unique animations, however seemingly it's far capin a place to be completed through uploading a series of line artwork illustrations in .SVG layout all withinside the equal folder, after which naming them in order (i.e.: filename_1.svg, filename_2.svg, etc.)

There’s a lot range to the imagery you may create with the LaserF2 and HuoyueApp that I had a difficult time exploring the entirety it's far capin a place to do. The mixture of hardware and software program program makes for a surely top-notch little device, and any VJ, DJ,Party,Wedding,dance membership owner, or visible artist have to certainly remember including one or greater to their bag of tricks – with the right education on secure laser usage, of course. You can order the LaserF2 now from NewFeel Light with expenses beginning at $99.

Laser lights fixtures results are to be had in plenty of paperwork and there can be a super preference for any display or event. Entertainers use laser scanning, darting, and panning to create unique mild results for an goal goal market at a celebration, presentation, or typical performance because the mild actions so speedy they do now no longer see character beams as an alternative handiest the ‘unique results’. DJs, cell entertainers, theatrical companies, arcades, dinner party halls, and others can use lively lasers to create the atmosphere they need.

Let our expert client support group help you are making the proper preference. Lasers thru way of method of NewFeel Lasers. That’s what we do excellent and we're thrilled with our work. You can also additionally also name them laser display structures, laser lights fixtures, laser show structures, expert degree lights fixtures lasers, display lasers or celebration lasers - it doesn’t matter. We manufacture all of them and we reason them to as correct as possible. Laser mild generation / Laser structures generation We can layout and construct for you 2 Watt laser display gadget, for Watt laser, eight Watt laser display projector, 10 Watt laser display mild mentioned as ClubNF 10 FB4 or maybe 20 Watt and 30 Watt excessive power Spectrum laser, each in unmarried color or in complete color RGB (so mentioned as whitemild lasers).

In fact, we're succesful of layout and manufacture about any laser gadget that’s with inside the limits of today’s largest current laser structures generation. People seek for ‘laser mild USA’ greater regularly than ever and wager why. Our laser mild generation is FDA authorized for the U.S marketplace. NewFeel laser modules are too properly appeared in laser display phase and different industries. And questioning about the excessive seek measure for the term ‘laser display’, it is miles clear why we're operating difficult on laser module enhancements in any respect times, making our laser beam generation the excellent possible.

Laser display or Lasershow?

We additionally layout and bring laser suggests and multimedia suggests such as laser shows worldhuge. And even if it isn’t our NewFeel laser display manufacturing group doing the display, there’s a pinnacle notch chance, that the 3-d laser display you notice coming from the degree with inside the course of you is performed thru way of method of a few NewFeel DMX laser lights fixtures as antagonistic to thru way of method of different degree lights fixtures. 2 Watt laser, five Watt laser or perhaps 20 Watt laser NewFeel can be used for any display, as all NewFeel laser projectors are designed as expert laser lights fixtures. We had been doing all of it for decades and thru way of method of the appearance of the nation of affairs at the degree lasers marketplace we're doing it pretty properly. And for positive we goal even higher. So why now no longer to come to be one in each of many?

We are about to release the upgraded LaserF2 with inside the near to future, including greater effective features at the preliminary basis. For the appearance, we can manipulate the delivery weight of the product inside 2kg, if you need to substantially lesson the value of delivery. You can pick among fashions with batteries and with out batteries. You can use our LaserF2 in any place, which include outdoors, at pool events, at the seashore thru way of method of the sea, with inside the courtyard of your home, and events at the pinnacle floor. on the bar.  

New HuoyueApp RGB sports activities activities sample laser mild with Bluetooth speaker, exceptional celebration and ornament This newly designed laser lawn mild integrates a extraordinary Bluetooth speaker, you could play any tune you need, and those tune undertaking brilliant results with excessive-decision movement modes of purple, inexperienced and blue. Firefly has sixteen large-scale dynamic motion modes and your favored tune, that can make your celebration or ornament proper now welcome. If you put the timer to 2, for, 6, and eight hours and feature a blinking mode function, please reset the faraway manipulate and indicator lights fixtures often in computerized mode to hold away from sign interference. The LaserF2 collection comes with a protection lock kit, an indoor base and an outside fence, further to a logo new RGB animation laser with Bluetooth APP manipulate function, an exceptional environment for celebration ornament. This newly designed laser lawn mild integrates a extraordinary bluetooth controller.

You can play any tune you need with inside the tune sound manipulate mode. The laser mild will undertaking in excessive-decision movement modes of purple, inexperienced and blue regular with the rhythm of the tune. Amazing results, tune and lights fixtures are blended into one. The new fashionable layout, combining current holographic laser lights fixtures generation for lights fixtures performances and excessivedefinition laser styles, is your last tune and lights fixtures typical performance combination. An annual mild display, any object, any event. -sixteen massive movement mode is projected near to the 3-d movement mode on any object. Excellent out of doors ornamental lights fixtures for lawns, homes and unique events. Just inject and plug in to create a yr-spherical magic, that is current laser and holographic generation that tasks hundreds of particular factors of mild on your personal home or lawn thru particular factors and motion styles in purple, inexperienced and blue, So shape a lovely impact, the shadeation can be unmarried or mixed, firefly or sports activities activities mode is among the 2 or unmarried or blended salvation, and has cell alternatives and pace manipulate.

The new layout with APP Bluetooth manipulate can play what you need The sample immediately covers 3000 rectangular ft. Replace greater than one trendy panorama lights fixtures and masses of ft of rope lights fixtures. Use handiest a small a part of power or incandescent panorama lights fixtures. In a moment, you could make the largest brilliant mild display at the block. From the date of buy, NewFeel offers a oneyr warranty. Class II laser merchandise that have been authorized for popular use are completely compliant with 21 CFR 1040.10 and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60825-1 standards. Class II laser merchandise can be to be had inside faster or later China warehouse transport locations orders for splendid out of doors ornamental lights fixtures for lawns, homes and unique events.

Just inject and plug in to create a yr-spherical magic, that is current laser and holographic generation that tasks hundreds of particular factors on your personal home or lawn thru particular factors and motion styles in purple, inexperienced and blue​​ Light, so you can shape a lovely impact sample, the salvation can be unmarried or mixed, firefly or sports activities activities mode is among the 2 or unmarried or blended salvation, and has motion alternatives and pace manipulate. The new layout with Bluetooth audio system can play what you need The tune covers 3000 rectangular ft immediately. Replaced the purple salvation of greater than one trendy panorama lights fixtures and twine lights fixtures. Use handiest a small a part of power or incandescent panorama lights fixtures. In a moment, you could create the largest brilliant mild display at the block. 100% delight guaranteed, unfastened move back if there can be a hassle with the part! Approved popular-reason Class II lasers, complying with 21 CFR 1040.10 and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60825-1 standards. NewFeel LaserF2 APP collection is a logo new collection of excessive-supply up expert lasers, that can with out problems edit the preferred styles and texts the use of Bluetooth linked Android phones. LaserF2 is a complete-salvation purple, inexperienced and blue laser gadget. Suitable for DJs, bands, bars, pubs, clubs, ice rinks, KTV, personal circle of relatives gatherings, birthdays, celebrations, weddings, festivals, buying centers, stores, stores and different unique locations.

Transportation: According on your requirements, you could pick express, sea or air transportation.

Payment method: Full price is needed for samples, 30% and 50% posits are to be had for custom designed bulk goods, and the stability in advance than shipment

After-income service: We offer extraordinary encouraged merchandise, irrespective of any huge variety of orders, we assure a one-yr warranty. If there are any troubles with our merchandise because of our errors, the spare components can be resent to you collectively collectively at the side of your later order.

Shop our choice of laser projectors with Bluetooth audio system! Now you could make the laser display pass with the tune rhythm of the integrated audio speaker. Just join any Bluetooth-enabled device (which include iPhone, clever phone, pill or computer) to the laser speaker to play the sample impact with inside the device.

The voice-activated rhythm with laser mild display can be very proper to be used in some unspecified time in the future of the vacations or to feature amusing on your next celebration! Buy now for immediate transport!  、

How to pick the proper laser to your occasion  

So you need to visit a laser celebration...

When we begin attending a celebration, you'll find that lasers with inside the celebration lighting fixtures begin to emerge as famous again. According for your budget, you could pick a laser mild of 450mW-2 watts because the celebration mild. Did you recognize that laser mild and fog device are the ideal combination?

Smoke device; you want one, which one is correct and are they secure? Usually, while our clients come to us to devise a laser celebration, they'll say that I do not need a smoke device. Unfortunately, it is definitely a smoke device that permits you to peer the pretty velvety gentle laser tunnel, so if you use a laser for your occasion, you want a smoke device.


Right here are many alternatives for smoking machines.

Manual smoke device. If you're simply having an vintage small own circle of relatives amassing in a slender area, then the guide smoke device is a reasonably priced and easy choice. For simplest $30, it's miles complete of liquid, and you won’t even run out of it for an all night-time celebration. When this unit, if you need to emit a few smoke with inside the air, you want to press the button at the faraway manage. The length of the pastime area


A low mendacity fog device. At simply $45 that is an automatic device and is outstanding for topics like Halloween as you could upload ice to the ice  chamber and this indicates they fog will live low mendacity at the floor for some time earlier than finally growing up. This device permits you to set how regularly and what kind of smoke comes out while not having to press the button at some stage in the night-time. This device can undergo liquid speedy when you have it on a excessive output and a common interval.


NewFeel's LaserF2 collection of laser celebration lighting fixtures. If you need to take a seat down again and loosen up with inside the evening, or when you have enough area, that is the high-quality choice. If necessary, you could be ready with a fog device and chaser to give a massive measure of smoke, you could set it to the smallest output and longer smoke intervals. LaserF2 is automatic again. We can application for you. You also can use the cell telecommunications APP to manage, draw the sample you need, or positioned the sample you need into the SD card, because of this that that even if you aren't a Lighting engineer, you could additionally certainly manage our laser lighting fixtures. If you run the "self-propelled mode", you could have a celebration all night-time with out controlling the LaserF2, however you could nevertheless display outstanding lighting fixtures. You simplest want $99.00 to get a laser artifact for any celebration, because of this that there are fewer matters to fear about for your celebration night-time!

Are they secure?

When a purchaser desires to keep a laser celebration, the primary query we're regularly requested is "Is your LaserF2 collection of lighting fixtures secure?"? First of all, our first precedence is the protection of our clients and to make sure that they've a large deal. Of course, we can now no longer lease whatever which could motive damage to anyone. All lighting fixtures used by NewFeel To Party are ready with laser locks and protection locks. FDA is to be had upon request, so it's miles almost secure to use! Laser; what length and colour? Now, allow us to manual you thru the alternatives for deciding on the proper laser for the occasion. What length/depth laser and what colour have to I use?

The laser depth you have to pick relies upon on matters; 1) The length of the occasion area and the colour you pick, and the usage of exclusive coloring on the equal time.

If you need to keep a small own circle of relatives amassing at home, our fashionable laser is the ideal choice. It is powerful enough to cowl a place of ​​suitable length, however now no longer massive enough to deal with a massive place like a lobby. Color additionally influences the proper choice. For example, inexperienced is the largest seen colour to the human eye, so for when you pick a inexperienced laser, our fashionable inexperienced 50mW laser is best. However, if you want to use each inexperienced and purple lasers, purple is the least seen, so we definitely tell which you use our massive purple lasers to fit the depth of fashionable inexperienced lasers to lead them to appearance comparable. If you want a blue laser, our fashionable 100mW blue laser may be similar to a fashionable inexperienced laser.

If you're in a massive venue or hall, then we tell our massive ILDA animation laser with a electricity variety of 450mW-2 watts. We give cyan (mild blue), blue, purple and complete coloring! 

Need greater recommendation?

Since 2009, NewFeel has been consulting and imparting session on events and activities on Lights To Party. We recognize what's useful. We will use our creativity to make sure that we prepare an outstanding celebration for you.

Contact us without cost recommendation, and allow us to aid you intend your celebration and offer expert recommendation to your celebration or occasion to lesson stress!

Call +86 13318866359 or fill out our on-line shape to get rates and recommendations to make your occasion an occasion that everybody can take part in!

NewFeel Laser gives you with twin FAT BEAM antenna impact laser, which may be very proper for fog or haze activities. The precise twin-replicate outputs are paired as middle or aspect accents, and incorporates 1,900 integrated patterns, 15 organizations of sample library. Including the famous "Laser Sky" impact. Use programmable pan, tilt and zoom outcomes as well as man or woman X, Y and Z scroll outcomes and experiment speed changes to generate a custom and continuously converting laser show. Using the protected infrared faraway manage, it is able to be operated without problems in automatic, master/slave, guide or voice manage mode or Wi-Fi manage.


Party laser

What is a celebration laser? Party laser is a overall performance laser device used for small amusement activities, inclusive of clubs, discos, bars and bars or non-public amusement venues. Party Laser can produce laser beams and outcomes that can be projected on exclusive forms of surfaces, inclusive of lively pix and patterns. The laser outcomes used with inside the manufacturing of lasers for song events also can be used at the side of smoke and fog structures to complement audiovisual outcomes. These celebration laser structures are monochromatic or complete-colour structures, normally mixed with optical device (inclusive of replicate balls, projection screens, faraway projector heads and different device) to show exclusive forms of beam outcomes.


Which laser performer is the high-quality celebration laser performer?

NewFeel LaserF2 collection and Club collection offer best device for small and medium-sized gatherings. For large venues, we tell NewFeel NF collection and collection. If you need to feature unique outcomes, please check the M collection.

More data on celebration lasers

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Buy party laser system

Here you could find NewFeel laser lighting, specially for party lasers. According for your budget, we will tell extra expert laser answers for you. Please test our internet site Find Your Lights-Home Parties to show extra statistics from our store.

Laser display lighting and laser display system

Sometimes called a laser show lamp or laser mild, specialists name it a laser show projector or system. The laser display mild emits a laser beam or mild beam with inside the seen spectrum, normally operating with the mild beam in a few way.

You can be thinking what laser display system is wanted for outside laser indicates, what's the charge of laser system for domestic entertainment, and what will it fee if you buy real expert products (consisting of Newfeel's laser projector)? Let us give an explanation for a few primary know-how here.

What is laser display system?

All traditional system used to carry out laser display lighting may be divided into five categories: Laser display lighting/show systems (laser display projectors)-specifically designed and synthetic system for projecting moving (scanning) laser beams and/or aerial laser results and/or laser graphics (consisting of text, trademarks and animations).

Although you could buy laser "toys" for as low as some euros, the fees of expert-degree indoor and outside laser projectors are nonetheless high. It is vital to understand that the largest high-priced isn't always the great.

Laser projectors/beam rods/static beams-Laser display projectors can't be called as such, because their major purpose (normally the most effective purpose) is to omit a static (non-moving) laser beam or beam (now and then from a couple of outputs ). These laser display lighting are normally ready with a few different results, consisting of diffraction gratings. Some results can circulate the laser beam and/or extrude its look in a few way. But because those actions and results aren't created with the aid of using the scanner, they're now no longer the impact of scanning themselves, so those laser display lighting do now no longer belong to the class of laser display projectors. There are masses or maybe now no longer hundreds of laser display lighting at the market. For small non-public parties, own circle of relatives celebrations and discos, many are enough. However, today, most effective a totally small variety of producers produce top notch laser display mild projectors proper to be used in concerts, visiting performances, TV indicates and different public events.

Although a few Far East producers have executed properly with inside the beyond few years, in phrases of opposite engineering development, even the great producers lag a ways at the back of Europe in phrases of the excellent of laser beams, manipulate systems, scanners and useful protection features. Top manufacturer. (By the way, it is very vital). Laser show manipulate system normally supplied with inside the shape of packaging, consisting of interfaces and well suited laser manipulate software, and permits records exchange (communication) among the manipulate laptop and the laser display projector. The state-of-the-art fashion with inside the laser show enterprise appears to be the manipulate interface constructed into the laser projector itself, which enables cast off using cumbersome ILDA cables which can be normally used among the manipulate interface and the laser projector.

Smoke generate awesome accomplice for celebration laser lights (further to herbal fog, fog, rain, dirt and snow) smoke machines are necessary for laser display lights, because of the fact they may want to make us human beings truly see the laser.

The laser mild is pondered from the debris of those elements, that is the best purpose why we see the laser mild. Without them, as an instance in a vacuum, we might now no longer see the laser at all. In largest cases, it is miles higher to apply an atomizer than an atomizer, because of the fact the atomizer will produce a shallower, finer haze and an extended spreading time. The mist generated thru way of method of the smoke generator is often thick, heavy, and falls faster, typically leaving sticky and slippery residues on nearly all surrounding objects (consisting of touchy laser display device).

Laser projection "screen" If the reason of the laser display is to show a few laser photo images, textual content material or animation, then we mission onto the projection or a few type of projection floor into which turns into a important a element of the projection. In largest cases, the projection floor is a few shape of wall, and each now and then greater stunning projection media will higher adapt to this situation. Laser projection can be executed on (or through) almost invisible gauze, rear projection screens, holographic foils, or maybe a few luminescent fabric substances simply like phosphors. It will even come to be a water curtain, a fog curtain, heavy rain and dense fog or snow. Each show medium will offer unique and precise content material material and offer limitless opportunities for experimentation. We want to similarly divide all the above referred to device in line with the place, reason and reason of the device. But it is predicated upon on each laser display performer to assess which device is exceptional for the dreams they want to make. Mobile DJs in particular paintings in small indoor spaces (as a lot as masses of people), and in comparison to European lights fixtures experts who use expert bands for European tours, they will need to apply different types of laser display device. Thousands of spectators.

Outdoor vs indoor laser display device For huge scale public out-of-doors performances, all laser show device should be expert grade device with all protection functions, whole functions, stronger, best climate resistance or as a minimum waterproof. Not best should the laser device be robust and durable, however all electric and sign cables should additionally be robust enough and can be used outdoors. For laser projectors, there can be a simple rule that applies to largest out-of-doors conditions that must aerial laser effects: better exceptional laser strength is higher! From this perspective, our Find Your Lights-Out Door Lights collection can be very proper for those types of projects.The laser manage gadget should be dependable and mastered thru way of method of programmers and operators, whether or not or now no longer used for indoor or out-of-doors laser display displays.

 In huge out-of-doors and indoor events, the exceptional way to professionally manage the laser is to manipulate it regionally from the lights fixtures console thru DMX or ArtNet. All NewFeel structures can be managed thru DMX, Art Net or both (and thru the network), and the profile persona of all largest important lights fixtures consoles can be discovered at the lights fixtures console manufacturer's website. The smoke mills used for out-of-doors laser indicates are pretty huge and chunky machines, typically powered thru way of method of gasoline. Although it is miles truly now no longer possible to expect the precise wind conditions, it is miles very green while an occasion occurs, however a few type of synthetic haze or smog ought to continually be supplied to aid as lots laser visibility as possible. The exceptional out-of-doors projection "screen" may want to be the snowy clouds, however we comprehend that this isn't always always continually achievable, or a few thing that human beings can plan and manage. A huge water curtain can be hooked up at the lake or river, as a way to offer a large and funky laser or video show vicinity for the occasion.

 Home leisure and expert laser display lights 

No one dreams to be harm and injured with the resource of using lasers, because of the fact if the lasers can't paintings nicely or the gap out of your eyes is a great deal less than 1 meter, they'll reason harm for your eyes. At this time, you want to be conscious of the placement of the laser mild, as an lousy lot as can be done The function of the lights is better than your head. When you run lasers to entertain yourself, very own circle of relatives and buddies at home, that is your very very own business. Although we strongly propose which you use expert system and strictly abide with the resource of using all laser protection regulations, nobody can pressure you to do so.  

Perform expert laser suggests in public events. Laser protection first! ! ! However, for the normal public, performances are absolutely special. Except for using expert laser display lights, the entire thing else is dependable and has all the protection features required with the resource of using law, which may additionally placed you in a completely critical and life converting situation. situation!

The largest vital distinction among none expert and expert laser display lights isn't the charge, length or weight of the system, but the strength of the laser mild. The strength will decide the dimensions of the beam's insurance of the area, displaying special visible results and styles. effect. This is the reliability, the lifestyles of practical laser protection functions and the fine of the very last projection.

DJ laser mild for the quality disco display  

You were to a disco membership before, or you could have visible the interior of the in a unmarried day membership. Do you spot the glowing lights and lights fixtures results? Yes, a number of them are acknowledged as DJ laser lights.

It is extensively recognized that mild reasons emotions of happiness and exhilaration in humans, mainly at night-time time (attempt and live with inside the dark ish for an extended time to affirm this statement). DJ Laser offers this easy and powerful technology. DJ laser takes your disco normal performance to the following level. It modified from "boring" to "boring". To say the least, from nightclubs to Mobile DJ events, laser suggests with results along with the night-time time sky or fireflies are fascinating.

You can select from masses of lights fixtures results to be had to be had with inside the marketplace those days. Beam results, sample lights, flower results, middle results, scanners, lens barrel results, police beacons and disco ball lights fixtures results can upload fee for your disco normal performance. These results might also additionally be used on my very own or paired with different results. If the charge isn't a problem, you could additionally do not forget including a few atmospheric results along with fog, haze and bubbles to the disco display; of course-laser! There are a few high give up fine DJ lasers, such as, the LaserF2900 FB4 or maybe the high-strength LaserNF FB4, that might also additionally output a unique laser strength of 10W. You can select the laser mild this is extra proper for you constant with the dimensions of the venue you run.  

DJ laser and disco laser mild

DJ laser isn't a selected type of laser, but it defines the sphere of use of laser.   DJ lasers are generally with inside the semi expert variety. Although a number of those lasers have acoustic-optic and unbiased settings, apart from those, there aren't many manage alternatives to be had. The DJ laser have to have as a minimum DMX manage alternatives. Since there might also additionally be no clean definition, DJ laser lights are taken into consideration to be a great deal less expert lasers.

For entertainers at the go, DJ laser is the suitable lights fixtures tool. The laser machine for DJ normal performance is mild, mild and clean to use, so it is far a great lights fixtures tool for cellular DJs, entertainers and musicians. DJ laser can assignment monochromatic or multi salvation beams and complete area results in clubs, bars, pubs and personal events to electrify the audience. The DJ laser machine might also additionally be used with out or with the fog machine, similarly to mirrors, projection displays and different system that could produce pondered laser beams and animation results and styles on partitions and ceilings.  

Considering a few those factors, selecting the suitable DJ laser for the quality disco normal performance can from time to time be painful. It wishes to rank, decide the primary purpose, cautiously choose out the specified functions, estimate the extensive variety of viewers, give an evidence for the insurance area, plan the vicinity of the laser, compromise positive functions, and give right attention for your pocket (of course).

Therefore, that is a critical rely after all. Whether you need to mild up a band, DJ normal performance or nightclub, those days masses of lights fixtures results and system to select from to match your charge range and the temper you need to create. But while a DJ, you want a expert-searching laser display, now no longer anything extra. Our NewFeel Laser variety is precisely what you want!

Laser display projector strength score   

Choosing a laser projector for a membership or DJ overall performance may be tricky, in particular if you aren't certain about the strength score that the venue may also must. There are many one-of-a-kind configurations of laser projectors or laser scanners typically aviation or snap shots.   An aerial laser is positioned to supply an aerial laser beam impact, which shoots the laser beam above the group and produces an impact much like the liquid sky and other ``Star Wars'' laser beam consequences. Graphic lasers were postponed for use for laser snap shots together with animation, textual content and snap shots which can be typically used in business exhibitions, computer graphics or promotions, and the laser consequences are projected on walls, scrim or screens, however each laser configurations may be used on the same time For aerial consequences and snap shots processing, every laser is about to carry out higher than the other (aviation or snap shots), however in largest cases, high give up snap shots lasers are the exceptional want for large venues. Or whilst you can want to apply each consequences on the same time from one region to every other because they could each do well   FDA has unique recommendations for amusement lasers nearly all lasers beneath neath 586 (mw-same to one-tenth (10−three) of a watt) may be bought and used with none changes. <5mw>

Once you begin searching out a laser projector for laser suggests designed for huge venues, you'll want a greater effective laser, and those lasers will typically bounce from <5mw xss=eliminated eliminated>

The time period laser is an acronym for "inspired radiation amplified light", so that you essentially see a beam of radiation as light with inside the United States, the FDA does now no longer need any laser beam to have interaction with human beings or human beings, or be capable of test Crowd or make the group have interaction with the laser (however a few crowd scanning era may be used, and you want unique permission to apply it, yes, we've it!)-however you ought to use a DJ or nightclub, installation a laser to switch the laser beam Projected on a crowd (as a minimum three meters) or projected on a string or shape on a wall so one can now no longer replicate returned to the group inaccessible further to exposing the group. If the laser beam is in touch with the retina of the human eye, those lasers will generate a few extra radiation , Thus inflicting harm in your eyes, your eyes can't blink rapid enough, near your eyes or flow your head far far from the laser beam rapid enough to make the laser harm on your opinion, however the static laser beam (directly beam can't flow backward and send or test ) And better strength rankings are largest possibly to happen.

All venues the usage of those forms of high strength lasers can be one-of-a-kind, indicating that the set up and set up of those lasers is proper, so the laser beam will now no longer meet the audience. All lasers offered with inside the United States ought to meet the situations to be used and ought to be permitted through the FDA-largest aren't all lasers offered from Asia, and a few lasers offered from Europe do now no longer meet the situations to be used with inside the United States (complementary lasers have unique Uses. Safety layout to make sure secure operation), if you want to follow FDA's recommendations for the usage of lasers in public places)-Lasers that don't follow FDA are illegal, and there are many protection violations, so consumers beware! only buy and use FDA-compliant lasers, or for when you are determined to apply non-compliant lasers or there may be no difference, you will be find through the FDA-If you strive to shop for those lasers from E bay, or abroad, they're very possibly Will be seized through the customs and you'll get nothing

Also don't forget that you'll want to look the semi-fog or haze gadget as in all our movies to see the laser beam in mid-air, the better the laser strength, the much less the want for haze or haze-in outside locations , The extra the strength

Have you ever participated in a track live performance in which laser scanning human beings at some point of a performance?

It become an thrilling enjoy! Traditional lighting fixtures consisting of projectors, stroboscopes and pyrotechnics does a terrific task of illuminating our idols, however lasers upload greater fee to stay production.

In such incidents, the protection of laser suggests should be completely taken into consideration to make certain the protection of everyone’s eyes. Let's test the guidelines and policies that lead them to secure and exceptional.

Spices and ham

Lasers are mild guns. They emit a massive variety of photons and feature flavors: non-stop wave (CW) or pulse. During the laser display, the largest fantastic enjoy is while the audience test is performed. For this reason, no pulsed laser will buskin thru any laser protection officer (LSO) network.

Do you need to recognize what the manufacturer will want for the last laser protection aid rented for the later XX concert? NewFeel Laser will offer you with a schooling application for laser LSO.

Even at noticeably low common electricity density levels, pulsed lasers consisting of Q-switched Nd:YAG can motive extreme I accidents. The shorter the heartbeat duration, the better the height electricity after all. Even a millimeter laser can generate a lot of height electricity, that's equal to clapping your eyes quick and repeatedly. As you could imagine, it isn't totally proper for the retina.  

The simplest laser that you could stare at indefinitely with the bare I is a Class 1 laser. Its largest electricity output is 0.39 milliliter. Assume that a regular application has a four watt laser (4000 milliliters) and a complete output of one watt, that's aimed toward the target market thru optics and scanners. Considering that the completely dilated scholar is a circle with a diameter of seven millimeters, if all the electricity is focused on your eyes simplest, the electricity density consistent with rectangular centimeter quantities to 2600 millimeters. Enough to explode the ones eyeballs!  

In assessment to pulsed lasers, non-stop wave lasers offer non-stop mild strain and heat, similar to a flamethrower, which sounds exceptional to electrify the masses.

Just just like the bad dodgy which you are obsessed on laser spots, the manufacturers with inside the track enterprise like brighter and sharper lasers to offer greater photons in your step-down device, exceptional degree laser results, plus Rhythmic heritage track. If you're at the scene, you'll discover it very dreamy. For me, the laser mild is a type of mild with a feel of technology. It may be used in exceptional locations to fit exceptional track. , To display exceptional environment results. For example, for when you need to pay attention to a quiet song, then use the beam impact of the laser mild to show a massive fan shape. This seems very romantic. If you want astounding results, greater than eight 3W laser mild + laser mild bar, after which play astounding heritage track. If you want a totally dynamic impact, the same is true. The laser mild can display the proper mild impact in line with the cardboard reason of the heritage track, this is to mention our laser The mild has the feature of sound manage. Of course, you could additionally use the DMX console to edit the lighting fixtures results you need, however now no longer all photon throwers will buskin the impact that suits your needs. How plenty non-stop wave laser electricity will fulfill you?  

You can pick out to apply laser protecting glasses, however many human beings do not much keep in mind sporting sun shades at night, so manufacturers want to lesson the common electricity and/or electricity density to make the laser darker and/or blurry. Scorching spots and easy shapes.

According to requirements consisting of ANSI Z136.10 and IEC 60825-3, in 0.25 seconds, the most allowable exposure (MPE) of your eyes is 2.five militants consistent with rectangular centimeter. The laser may be fired continuously, because a wholesome eye will switch on it's flashing mirrored image after 1 / 4 of a second, for that reason heading off ability damage.

For scanning laser beams, the MPE is even better: 10 militants consistent with rectangular centimeter, because the live time on your eyes is taken into consideration to be much less than 1 / 4 of a second. Safety elements have to be taken into consideration while selecting those MPE levels, however the International Laser Display Association has continually suggested that the height fee of public laser shows is one hundred militants consistent with rectangular centimeter...


In a few cases, they're now no longer honestly against this level. They recommend the situations to guard its protection, consisting of making your live on your eyes very short (such as, 1 millisecond). Considering that billions of eyes round the sector had been uncovered to laser mild during the last few decades, the recorded variety of accidents is honestly exceptionally low. During performances and target market scans, consisting of while pretty excessive divergent beams, we're fortunate for plenty reasons.

Zero threat is a non-existent state, so we should observe protection guidelines. The secret's to behavior a cautious threat evaluation and laser electricity size on the area closest to the target market. The specific size equipment needed.

Let me proportion an example. A pal of mine (and my client) currently rented a Class 3B CW blue laser for recording movies of real track performances. Category 3B tells me that the output electricity of this seen laser is among five and 499 militants. The wavelength variety of seen mild is the blue to purple wavelengths with inside the electromagnetic spectrum: those are the co lours you spot at the rainbow, and the wavelength levels from 380 to seven-hundred anemometers.  

Commercial cameras are touchy to those wavelengths, or even below the mirrored image of this laser, the cameras we use with inside the studio will saturate the sensor. The electricity of 499 militants can also additionally much harm our eyes. How plenty electricity does the laser honestly offer, and what's the most secure way to apply it?

ILDA said that we want to continually degree and manage the laser and the attenuation system. We used a calibrated 10mm aperture PH100-Si-HA photo diode related to Gent-EO's rugged MAESTRO show to look the common electricity received from this condominium laser system. We degree the full common electricity through concentrating all the mild on a strong spot with a diameter of seven mm at the sensor.

The electricity we measured become 20 militants. That is fifty-two militants of electricity density consistent with rectangular centimeter. This exceeds the usual threshold, so we determined to apply refocusing, speedy shifting beams, and improved mild styles to keep away from continually sizzling our eyes. This makes the placing secure for everyone, and now no longer bad.

The remaining phrase on laser mild show protection

 If your laser beam can hit the managed goal above anyone's head properly at some point of the performance, and a mild shut-off gadget is hooked up immediate to save you the audience or the artist from seeing too much, the manufacturer can improve it barely Laser intensity.

Once the laser is aimed toward any eyeball, strict regulations are applied, and those regulations are prescribed through worldwide requirements. Then, neighborhood authorities, manufacturers and place proprietors are chargeable for making sure the protection of people.

Warning signs, change techniques of laser energy detector monitoring, and publicity ranges are required. Newfeel Laser has designed a completely different transportable laser energy meter which could carry out fast, calibrated and low-priced measurements to help laser show merchandise meet the best exceptional requirements and the finest surprise!

Party mild, RGB three lens DJ disco level laser mild sound manage LED projector

Are Disco and DJ laser lighting fixtures secure or harmful?

Many extraordinary styles of disco and DJ laser lighting fixtures are used with inside the amusement industry. Some lighting fixtures are greater effective and brighter than others, however usually harmless. Most lighting fixtures lamps inclusive of Martin, Chauvet, ADJ and different expert lighting fixtures lamps are regulated through FDA, CE and MET. After the producer affixes those certification marks at the product, it could make sure that the lighting fixtures meets the simple necessities for compliance. However, direct publicity will deliver consequences. This effective beam can crush the eyes and motive supersaturation of the retina pigment, which could result in flash blindness. Flash blindness is a brief visible disturbance after publicity to mild, which can also additionally remaining from some seconds to 3 minutes. As the pigmentation returns to normal, imaginative and prescient returns to normal. Therefore, you want to be very cautious whilst high energy lasers. We are a manufacturing unit that produces laser lighting fixtures. Therefore, we've got the duty and responsibility to tell anyone about the goods that want attention.  

The FDA has set very strict guidelines to limit risky lasers. Most expert DJ lasers see compliant protection rules, along with using inner filters to defend them from laser hazards. The shape of the laser will defend people from positive radiation regulations. The FDA offers particular production guidelines that set the emission restrict to the minimal radiation publicity stage of laser or mild remitting merchandise. Medical lasers and DJ lasers have extraordinary guidelines. DJ lasers are taken into consideration secure 3R lasers, and their beam publicity is limited.

Like each other beam, DJ lasers are secure goodbye as they keep away from direct extended publicity. Similar to disco or DJ lighting fixtures fixtures, laser lighting fixtures fixtures can motive flash blindness because of direct touch. Temporary lack of innovative and prescient can also additionally be in comparison with searching immediately on the headlights at near range. With the reversal of the memorization process, your innovative and prescient will quickly be restored.

If the DJ or agency you rent will offer laser shows, please make sure his/her lighting fixtures fixtures is expert. Using unreliable manufacturers and lasers can also additionally be risky. Many none expert lasers can also additionally additionally lack filters to decrease risky beams, that can also additionally emit risky IR. In order to make sure which you do now no longer damage your self or your guests’ eyes, you ought to individually take a look at out the laser. If there can also additionally be no energy deliver or key switch, it is not always a expert product and want to now no longer be used. NewFeel is likewise a expert DJ system retailer. For suggestions or questions, please experience unfastened to touch us.

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Stop zooming the ladder to installation a dizzying mild display! Quickly create your dream area with out fuss. With the LaserF2 laser projection lamp, you could use the Bluetooth manage feature of the cell telecommunications App to finish exciting and thrilling ornamental lamp settings in simplest a few minutes. There are many colors, shapes and patterns to select from, you could fast flip an everyday area or a easy residence proper into a laser wonderland. Browse all of NewFeellight's laser projectors and discover the suitable preference on your finances and occasion!

What is LaserF2 laser projector?

The LaserF2 laser projector combines heaps of laser styles and sorts of lighting fixtures fixtures outcomes to create an unforgettable laser display impact. Then the largest distinction among it and everyday laser is: in widespread laser mild products, it's miles cap in a place to largest effective be managed through way of method of DMX console, this indicates that you want to deliver a console and you couldn't be too a few distance afar from the electricity supply. You can select the model with battery for our LaserF2 laser. When the use of our laser mild outdoors, you could use the cell telecommunications App to govern the mild impact pattern, so our mild has unprecedented brightness and pattern, very handy to hold and manage , Which brings an unprecedented and specific starry sky impact.

What is the use of LaserF2 full salvation laser projection?

You can use superficiality laser projectors for the length of the yr to satisfy all lighting fixtures ornament needs. This approach holidays, unique events, day via way of means of day lighting fixtures in ingesting places and bars, or even nights at home. Some examples of the use of superficiality laser projectors can also additionally additionally include: Indoor lighting fixtures show for the length of wintry weather holidays, July 4th and different festivals

Create a calming bedroom, have a glance at or residing room

Decorative lighting fixtures for weddings or birthday parties

Ambient lighting fixtures in dimly lit ingesting places and bars

Themed lighting fixtures for sports activities activities competitions, stay performances, etc.

The lighting fixtures of swimming pools, warm tubs and different outside furnishings is brighter and extra colorful

Provide lighting fixtures fixtures for fitness facility sufferers in extensive care, hospice care or hospice care

Exciting and remarkable lighting fixtures fixtures alternatives for influence, commentators and content material material creators on TikTok, YouTube, etc.

Add thought to innovative areas which includes image shoots and film scenes

Emphasize positive panorama and architectural features

Raise recognition of the reasons of positive colors

When it involves the NewFeel LaserF2 laser projector, the sky's the limit! But now no longer all NewFeelLights objects can also additionally be left outdoors. Before installation, make certain to test whether or not every NewFeelLights product has particular putting instructions, such as whether or not it is far designed to stand up to out-of-doors bloodless and humidity.

What are the unique styles of Mini celebration laser lighting?

Mini celebration laser mild has more than one patterns and more than one features, so that you will have the exceptional lighting fixtures settings. Some of the functions you'll discover consist of: Achromatic. Some laser lighting fixtures are blue, a few are pink and inexperienced, and a few are inexperienced and blue. If you need versatility, you could select LaserF2 plus a lot of different excellent colour outcomes to satisfy your needs.

Weather rating. The exterior isn't always usually sunny and warm, however you do not need to let the bloodless and snowy days forestall brilliant. Our outside lighting fixtures are climate resistant and occasionally even warmth up, so that you can use them on foggy mornings, wet days or snowfall nights.

Far-flung manipulate. Every time you need to change the mild display, there's no amusing strolling in your laser projector. Use the far-flung manipulate we offer with many fashions of far-flung manipulate, regardless of while you see it, regardless of in which you see it, you could get the task done.

Battery powered. Use a battery-powered laser mild to carry out indoor performances. You can place it in any place with out thinking about the strength deliver socket. It is hooked up to a laptop, recreation console, TV or different tool with a USB port through USB , To charge. When you run our laser projector to light up your room, you'll discover it very convenient.

Although stars formed laser projectors are clean to use, it does now no longer aid to rank the later precautions:

Electricity efficiency. The use of low strength intake LaserF2 and different floodlights can lesson water and strength payments. It isn't always pleasant on your payments and pleasant to the environment: as an delivered benefit, decrease electricity intake approach you emit much less carbon. Color and flicker rate. Compare and comparison fashions to make certain that the lamp you buy suits your needs, whether or not it is the right colour for placing your temper or the right pace for looking to create an effect. The richer your lighting fixtures features are, the greater memorable your lighting fixtures overall performance will be!

Security Settings. You can also additionally recognition now no longer to appearance immediately at any shiny lighting fixtures, however younger youngsters won't recognition the way to keep away from it. Therefore, you must installation the laser projector to keep it far far from youngsters. Let the youngsters recognition at the lighting fixtures themselves – each adults and youngsters can also additionally discover the laser display fascinating.

Laser strength. Speaking of shiny lighting fixtures, laser projectors consist of lighting fixtures with 5 brightness ranges exact through the government. At NewFeelLights, all our laser lighting fixtures are Class II and Class III. The optical strength of Class II products (strength is greater not unusual place in indoor laser lighting fixtures) is as much as five mW. This feature is rarely enough to reason any everlasting damage most effective everlasting memory.

The climate is safe. Not each indoor laser projector may be used thoroughly exterior! The temptation is real, however most effective outside laser lighting fixtures can face up to the outcomes of rain, snow, sleet and excessive temperatures. Check the safety class (IP) of your outside laser lighting fixtures to apprehend their resistance to moisture, dust and different environments.

Is NewFeel's LaserF2 celebration mini laser mild safe?

Yes it is. Neither elegance II nor elegance III laser projectors can produce brilliant enough mild to motive everlasting harm to the eyes, that is why in NewFeelLight, we simplest use those styles of mild.

Although our lighting fixtures are safe, you have to keep away from shining the lighting fixtures of the laser projector at once in your eyes or the eyes of guests. Even a low strength laser publicity may be briefly uncomfortable or painful, so please keep the projector at a low degree and face the lower back of the area. You will limit the threat of laser shining at once into human eyes and leave enough area for an unforgettable mild display.

Why does NewFeel's LaserF2 use a laser?

We have already cited that laser lighting fixtures are first-rate energy-saving, however there are many greater stories. This is set the lasers themselves: they manual mild along a slim route in a single direction. This mode is called coherent mild, and it effects in brilliant, centered illumination. In addition, we diffracted a beam of laser mild into heaps of man or woman mild paths with inside the laser projector, so that you gets brilliant illumination on big surfaces.

If you're an LED projector, then you'll want to apply incoherent mild, so that you can be scattered in more than one directions. This is the technological know-how at the back of the excessive "cheese puffing" impact often located in LED projectors. When humans whine that they cannot see their projection impact only a few ft away, it is due to the discontinuity of mild.

At NewFeelLights, novelties which includes the unparalleled "starry sky" impact can simplest be executed with the aid of lasers. With the coherent mild in our products, the opportunities of your lighting fixtures settings could be endless-the exhilaration of the mild display will so be endless. Welcome to apply laser mild condo.

We are skilled in laser mild condo in China, and our group has helped many celebration planners, companies, venues and people create notable laser shows. From vacation subject matters to employer key occasions with trademarks and unique messages. We offer low laser condo charges in China, and our technicians will meet your celebration laser needs. Our laser lighting fixtures may be synchronized with track or different stay amusement activities, and your preferred pattern, occasion laser is non-toxic, and does now no longer want to be wiped clean up like confetti, fireworks, smoke machines and different props that contain many tearing And easy up time.

Different occasions additionally must distinctive kinds of unique lighting fixtures. There also are lighting fixtures that may be used on nearly any unique occasion, which includes in performances, starting ceremonies and parties. One of those lighting fixtures is a laser mild. When attending a celebration, they're the primary want for largest humans because those lighting fixtures are very powerful with inside the paintings they do.

Lasers also can produce consequences on terrace elements. They are very proper for making beautifully searching theatrical scenes. Laser beam lighting fixtures will have many uses, and you could additionally select a lot of colors. They also are designed for immediate or sluggish use, and also can be used interior and outdoors.

If you intend to put together a celebration quickly and take into account lasers to make the occasion greater exciting, lively, and colorful, we can be right here to aid you. Today, we offer you with exciting thoughts for laser lighting fixtures at parties.

What is stage laser?

Lasers also are called laser-illuminated displays. It includes the usage of lasers to entertain the target market. This mild is beneficial in enjoyment because its coherent homes can produce slim beams, permitting optical scanning to attract styles or pics on partitions, ceilings, and different surfaces.

The laser additionally has extraordinary functions:

Scanning: The laser scanner displays the laser beam to a small replicate installed at the galvanometer and applies a manage voltage. This lets in laser lights designers to apply mild to create styles and pics on partitions and surfaces.

Diffraction: This is a less complicated technique of spreading the laser beam. The grating divides the monochromatic mild into many beams. By holograms, the beam may be divided into extraordinary styles. This is the primary technique of operating as many easy laser projectors via way of means of projecting mild to more than one points.

Static beams: These are uninterrupted constant beams from one or extra laser emitters. These are used to create the impact of mild beams which are grew to become on and stale at extraordinary periods with inside the air, thereby growing a experience of excitement. This is the best shape of laser display, as it does now no longer have any operation technique.

3-D animation laser mild:

For many years, the idea of making a 3-dimensional (three-D) laser display has attracted laser fans and lights designers. Many clients regularly ask for "three-D laser" or the way to create "three-D laser display"

Types of 3-D laser display

In essence, any laser display projected out to the target market is itself 3-dimensional (three-D). The following are the largest not unusual place styles of three-D laser shows.

1. Aerial laser display

This is wherein the aerial laser impact is projected out to the target market. These consequences may be projected overhead (such as, liquid sky consequences, goal beams, etc.) or they may be projected onto the target market (that is, target market scanning).

Usually, the laser is located at the level or place in the front of the target market and projected to the crowd. (Attention, whilst acting the target market scanning laser impact, please make certain which you have taken suitable protection precautions and which you are operating in a compliant and secure way.)

2. 3-D laser portraits display

This is wherein the laser portraits are programmed the digital digital course to give the impact of a 3-dimensional laser display. The projected content material may be a brief small animation or a entire timeline-primarily based totally laser display. Examples of each are covered below.

3. Laser portraits projected thru the scrim

Usually, clients need to peer laser portraits (consisting of logos, text, or holiday-themed animations) projected onto the surface, however may be visible from the opposite side.

A common putting for this kind of overall performance is generally to apply a laser, or area more than one lasers at the back of the scrim and venture them lower back onto its surface, so the laser is projected from the lower back onto the scrim and may be visible from the the front. * "Screens" are easy net-like striking curtains that hold from the ceiling. In a few cases, the scrim also can be automated (therefore, the rise/fall of the scrim may be induced as needed).

4. Laser photograph "floating in space"

The very last kind of "three-D laser display" that may be created is one of the largest hard tasks, because whilst watching, many human beings suppose that the laser photograph they see is "floating in space."

How to Use Laser Lights for Parties

The atmosphere of your celebration will depend upon the high-satisfactory of the lighting fixtures you use. With this, we can say that lighting fixtures is an exceedingly important detail in a celebration scene. Therefore, you want to find proper lighting to your birthday celebration. There are various factors which you want to take into account earlier than shopping for a laser mild so that you could make an awesome want.

 First, you want to take into account in which you'll keep up the birthday celebration. The place of the birthday celebration determines the relaxation of the critical things. For example, for when you are going to keep up a celebration interior your house, largest of the time, default lights is enough. But for when you are partying outdoors, it is able to be a chunk difficult because you want to mild up the area, and you may's do that via way of means of simply the usage of a preferred set of lighting fixtures. Therefore, to make your outside birthday celebration greater alive and fun, the usage of laser lighting is ideal. It also can go away a terrific influence in your visitors.

  Another critical issue you want to take into account is the precise spot in which you may area the laser lighting fixtures. Laser beam lighting fixtures aren't dangerous of their herbal use. However, if someone exposes himself without delay to the mild, he would possibly enjoy a few troubles. The period is likewise critical to keep away from the damaging outcomes of any type of mild. With this, you want to area the laser lighting fixtures in a niche in which direct publicity to the mild might be avoided.

 Lastly, you furthermore may want to take into account the type of birthday celebration you're throwing. If you're making plans to have a dance birthday celebration, you may get a disco ball that illuminate the entire dance ground quickly. The laser lighting fixtures have to suit the lighting fixtures of the disco ball to make the environment appearance greater lovely and alive. For easy dinner events, you may get a laser mild with simply one or easy col orations to mild up the area.  

The Best Laser Lights You Can Use for Your Party

To similarly aid you, right here are a number of the high-satisfactory laser lighting fixtures that we will recommend, that can make your birthday celebration brighter and greater fun:

1. DJ Disco Stage Laser Light for Parties

This laser mild capabilities three beam combos and six salvation backgrounds. It additionally has a multi impact total to create a greater high-quality atmosphere. This laser mild can cowl 269 sq. ft. to 323 sq. ft. at the peak of three meters after testing. Aside from that, it's also sound activated. The lighting fixtures can move, shine, merge, seem, disappear, and flash to the beat of the music, which creates a splendid atmosphere. It comes with a far-flung manipulate to change all the mild settings. This laser mild is extensively used for a disco, ballrooms, own circle of relatives gatherings, events, concerts, and greater.

2. NewFeellight expert DJ laser mild display

This laser has more than one outcomes. It can prompt loads of lights impact modes. It can also be activated via way of means of sound and could alternate in line with the rhythm of the music. It is manufactured from a stable beam pumped via way of means of a diode, making it greater strong and durable. It also can make sure clean salvation resolution. These laser lighting fixtures will clearly make your birthday celebration greater active and keep up your visitors dancing.

3. LED bloodmobile flash strobe mild for birthday celebration

The laser has 3 col orations, crimson, green, and a total of crimson and green. It has an automated mode to create a romantic and enjoyable atmosphere. It additionally has a strobe mode, which could make lighting fixtures and col orations seem and disappear quickly. It has a legitimate manipulate function, wherein the salvation of the mild adjustments in line with the rhythm of the music. The shell of the laser mild is manufactured from terrific aluminum alloy. It has a integrated fan for warmth dissipation. For events, that is a strong, light-weight and compact laser mild.

4. NewFeellight Mini Portable Cordless Laser Light

If you propose to keep up small gatherings or events at home, that is the correct laser mild for you. It is designed to be small and mild, smooth to carry. It has a integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It comes with a charging cable, and you may plug it right into a computer, a strength financial institution or any tool with a USB port. This is a awesome want for indoor and outside gatherings.

5. LaserF2 laser projector for events

The birthday celebration mild has 6 laser shades and 24 exceptional patterns. It additionally has 4 modes, particularly automatic, voice manipulate, flash and far-flung manipulate. It is made from aluminum alloy with a integrated cooling fan. It additionally comes with mounting add-ins with adjustable brackets. It could be very smooth to apply and really proper for any collecting and event.

6. F1666 laser mild projector

This laser projector has 7 impressive lights co lours and outcomes. It additionally has sixteen lights modes. In addition to it with Bluetooth speakers, it could additionally be used with audio manipulate from 10 meters away. It additionally has a integrated speaker, in which you may join your telephone to play your preferred songs even as casting laser mild. It is simply ideal for events.

7. NewFeel birthday celebration laser mild

The birthday celebration laser has 3 col orations and 3 running modes. It has automatic, flash and sound activated modes with the intention to make your birthday celebration greater thrilling and active. It is made from aluminum alloy and additionally has a tripod support, making it smooth to install. Suitable for any birthday celebration or event.

8. NF collection expert degree mild laser scanner

The laser scanner has 3 colors, specifically green, yellow and red. It is beam powerful and sound activated. It may be set up at the ceiling and additionally has a cooling device and smart temperature manage to make certain safety. It comes with a far-flung manage to manipulate lighting fixtures, effects, colors, etc. This is a expert level laser scanner, ideal for any celebration or occasion you plan.

in conclusion

Laser lighting fixtures are certainly a high-quality addition to any gathering. It can enhance the environment and remove darkness from the assembly place. It also can be interwoven with song to make your visitors dance and feature fun. We want that the facts shared in this newsletter will come up with a few thoughts on the way to use lasers to make events greater interesting.

NewFeel level laser Laser

We were on this discipline for many years and feature met many unique styles of clients. As lengthy because the level enterprise is involved, largest of them are DJs, occasion entertainers, overall performance organizers, TV or even sports activities events.

Some of them had no import revel in at first. After operating with us, they won revel in and commenced to by different level-associated system, which includes laser lighting. But the largest essential aspect is they do not know the way to apprehend excellent lasers, and they're now no longer even acquainted with laser level lights.

After attempting many instances to shop for level laser from China, they have been now no longer glad with the nice and impact of the laser because they could not discover a proper supplier. They complained about it and requested for support. Maybe we will help them get an excellent laser. Therefore, we commenced questioning some years in the past and did a few studies at the lasers at the market, and observed that largest clients simplest understand the Kvant and Laserworld brands. Their nice is surely proper, however the charge is likewise high, which can not be surpassed. Some humans budget. Since then, we've got commenced to make up lasers, that is simplest a small a part of our business.

Laser, as a part of our contemporary business, we're happy with it.

You can name them DJ lasers, laser level lights, laser display projectors, laser display systems, laser show systems, expert level lights lasers, RGB lasers, display lasers or birthday celebration lasers. No rely what your call is, we can manufacture them. For one aspect, we lead them to as proper as possible.

Lasers are beneficial in enjoyment because they are able to produce slender beams and may use optical scanning to attract styles or snap shots on walls, objects, or different surfaces. You also can use laser lighting in diverse accumulating places, which includes dj parties, festivals, company performances and different large-scale events.

NewFeel NF and LaserF2 laser lighting

NewFeel NF is a main producer and exporter of computer graphics products. In the years of producing NF system, we've got made many achievements, and increasingly more clients use our system with inside the exhibition and confirm our nice.

Manufacturer VS Importer/Assembler

There are many laser beam groups in China or abroad, called manufacturers, which might be importers and assemblers. The truth is that you could pay a massive charge for a reasonably priced and clownish rebounded mild display projector.

We develop, layout and manufacture each NewFeel laser mild with inside the house.

Therefore, as compared with different level lasers, we've got many unique advantages, you may test the "Why Choose NewFeel Laser" section.

Laser Lights: A Comprehensive Guide

What Are The Features of Laser Lights? 

Where Are Laser Lights Used?

How Much Power is Ideal For Your Event? 

What Are The Various Controls and Color Modes That Are Available? 

How Can You Make The Most of Your Laser Lights? 

Are There Any Hazards When Using Laser Lights With Smoke Machines? 

Are There Any Requirements For Using Laser Lights? 

Are There Any Safety Standards to Follow When Using Laser Lights? 

What Regulations Should The System Comply With?

When taking into consideration including a bit bit of aptitude on your occasions, an picture of beams taking pictures in all instructions is the primary issue that involves thoughts. Laser lighting fixtures are a amusing way to liven your occasion and give your visitors an immersive enjoy.

There isn't any any restrict to using laser lighting fixtures. You can use them as a easy upload directly to the relaxation of the occasion, or create an entire spectacle with the lighting fixtures because the showstopper. These low maintenance, licorice merchandise are pretty beneficial, and you could even pair them up with haze machines.

Before you spend money on laser lighting fixtures, you do want to have all the information, so that you get the proper laser mild to your needs. Read directly to discover the thing you want to realize about laser lighting fixtures and greater on this FAQ guide.

What Are The Features of Laser Lights?

When you spend money on laser mild, you want to make sure that you’re getting your cash’s worth. Furthermore, you wouldn’t need to choose the incorrect laser mild to your occasion and make the lighting fixtures an inconvenience. Keep those functions in thoughts to slim down your look for the right laser mild.

· Quiet Fan

Quiet lovers let the laser mild to run easily and increase the battery lifestyles of the same. They are small 12v systems blanketed with the product. As stated with inside the name, those systems paintings silently to enhance the performance of your laser mild. Since quiet lovers act as an introduced characteristic to make sure the easy operation of your laser lighting fixtures, it makes the laser mild greater long-lasting so that you can use it on your heart’s desire. All NewFeel laser lighting fixtures include 3pcs 12v quiet lovers so that you don’t need to fear about the laser mild’s lifetime.

· Safety Features

Safety is paramount whilst the use of laser lighting fixtures. Many laser mild structures are made with a easy layout and robust material. This makes them absolutely secure to be used and calls for no preceding enjoy.

According to the radiation stages of laser lighting fixtures, they're divided into 2, 2M, 3R, 3B, and four. In different words, laser lighting fixtures on the decrease end, like 2, 2M are taken into consideration more secure as they have a weaker output. However, even laser lighting fixtures categorized below 3B or for may be used for laser shows, supplied you comply with the important protection guidelines.


Where Are Laser Lights Used?

Laser lighting fixtures are a blast to have at occasions, specially whilst paired with fog machines. These lighting fixtures offer an immersive 3-D enjoy like no different and are a attempted and examined way to have interaction the audience. Here are some locations in which you could witness the attraction of those mild structures.

· Themed Parties

Indoor and outdoor-themed events or company occasions use laser lighting fixtures to up the ante. If you’re questioning the way to get the dreamlike haze or get all and sundry awed, laser lighting fixtures are the way to go.

· Nightclubs

Having problem getting all and sundry up and at the dance floor? Laser lighting fixtures create an surroundings that is going nicely with songs. Laser lighting fixtures will now no longer simplest set the temper to your nightclub however additionally decorate the subject of your birthday celebration. For nightclubs, you could use laser lighting fixtures with interchangeable shades and speed options. With complete RGB salvation modes, NewFeel laser lighting fixtures are perfect for any membership or birthday celebration setting. With a complete energy output, you could have a laser mild themed birthday celebration all night-time. Soon, you'll have all of your nightclub traffic dancing to the song’s beat and playing the dark ish mild spectacle.

· Sporting Events

Ever visited a basketball or soccer sport or visible televised Olympics or the tremendous bowl? The one issue that makes their opening, so grand is an array of unique effects. Sporting video games commonly blend and suit their effects. Laser lighting fixtures may be a extraordinary addition to any sports activities occasions at a stadium or maybe a small field. The functions may be adjusted incorporated software program to be enticing enough for the target market, at the same time as now no longer distracting the players.

· Concerts

Concerts are locations in which all and sundry is worked up and swaying to the song as they see their favored artist performs. What higher to create a amusing surroundings or dreamlike night-time then laser lighting fixtures? These live shows use laser lighting fixtures that beam at the target market to lead them to experience part of the movement and decorate the song.

How Much Power is Ideal For Your Event?

When shopping for a laser mild gadget, one of the matters which you want to keep in mind is strength. The strength determines the brightness, distance, and the visibility of the laser mild. However, while we speak about visibility, there are many different elements to keep in mind. These encompass laser salvation, ambient mild, beam divergence, fog, and different barriers, etc.

The vicinity that desires to be included additionally suggests the type of strength you may must out of your gadget. On average, that is the measure of strength you must for the later areas.

· Indoor activities of as much as 1500 human beings: 500mw – 2000mw

· Indoor activities of as much as 3000 human beings: 2000mw – 6000mw

· Indoor activities of 5000 human beings or extra: 6000mw – 10W

· Outdoor activities of medium size, small festivals: 10 – 20W

· Large out-of-doors gatherings, fields, stadiums: 20 – 40W


What Are The Various Controls and Color Modes That Are Available?

Versatile manipulate structures make laser lighting adapt to any surroundings at the ease of the consumer. There are more than one controls that you could use, and a lot of those structures have a couple of way to manipulate the lasers.

Laser lighting are regularly distinguishable via their salvation. There are more than one styles of machines that dispense salvation in line with the gadget. The extra the co lours to be had, the dearer the laser mild is. Therefore, you ought to keep your desires in thoughts while buying a laser mild.

With NewFeel laser lighting you get many manipulate and salvation alternatives that come up with a huge spectrum to layout and dabble in. You can get a complete RGB set or select a extra low in cost choice for when you aren’t searching out some thing professional. The laser controls are geared up with presets so that you don’t need to use software program controls to layout new content material. Hence, NewFeel laser lighting keep all its customer’s necessities in thoughts and cater to a lot of desires and combos with their col orations and controls.

· Color

There are diverse co lours that you could venture with laser lighting. The largest not unusual place one is lime inexperienced because of its excessive visibility. You will discover multicolored, combined colored, and complete-colour lasers with inside the marketplace. A complete RGB salvation laser mild is the most expensive however gives you with all the co lours with inside the spectrum and is generally excessive stop. When it involves salvation and visibility what you want to consider is if the studying is closer to 550nm (anemometer), the extra seen it’s going to be while used.

· Controls

Laser mild structures have many approach to manipulate them. You can choose those relying on what's extra handy for you. Controls encompass DMX, ILDA, or even sound controls. You’ll actually need to decoration a hardware manipulate platform like FB gadget or QuickShow, and you’re right to go.

Listed under are a number of the manipulate settings and salvation alternatives you may discover in your laser mild.


A DMX cable is used to have a semblance of guide manipulate. Using structures like DMX 512 permits you to manipulate the laser beams via way of means of selecting a ore-set. A ore-set is loaded into the gadget, and you could use the DMX controller to select the only which you see suit on your occasion.


ILDA is the largest superior type of working technology. The manipulate gadget makes use pc software program to feed records into the laser mild and manipulate the beam projections. ILDA is typically used for laser suggests or at huge activities and live shows in which the consumer has extra manipulate over the beam projections.

You can preferably use ILDA for sophistication three or four laser lighting. Using ILDA, you could optimize laser lighting creatively to create text, photos, and shapes. ILDA well matched laser lighting may be managed with alerts out of your laser controller.  Laser controllers can both be stand-on my own or act as software program incorporated with a pc. Both offer brilliant effects for huge suggests, live shows, or stadiums, in which it is probably tough to manually manipulate laser lighting with out a controller.

· QuickShow and FB four

You can use FB four as a tough pressure via way of means of connecting via a CAT5 or CAT6 cable. The onboard SD card additionally permits for display playback. Use those features in line with your convenience, via your PC, lights console, or maybe in auto-mode. The software program manipulate mode additionally gives you more than one ore-set alternatives on your laser mild display. Software controls like Quick Show additionally help you to layout your personal laser suggests and content material so you advantage a extra interpersonal experience. You could make use of those software program’s to make more than one shapes and designs that in shape your occasion and switch it to FB4 after your cue is ready. The layout software program is the top motive why laser photos are a large deal and that you could tell a tale via the laser shapes which you upload.

· Sound

You also can use sound on your beam projections. This is a a laugh way to manipulate the laser mild because the beams react to the ambient sound that they hear. Nightclubs regularly use this technique to sync the mild display with the track this is performed via way of means of the DJ.

· Automatic

These laser manipulate structures are the largest hassle-free. If you need to apply laser lighting with out questioning a great deal about the styles and projections, you could let the laser mild run on automatic. The mild will then select prey-units from the masses which are already loaded and familiar.

· Single Color

A unmarried salvation laser mild could be very low in cost and the largest not unusual place type of laser mild gadget to be had. They are typically observed in lime inexperienced coloration because of its visibility. Single col-orations are beneficial at some point of company suggests or themed celebration while you need the mild to suit the relaxation of the venue.

· Mixed Colors

Mixed col-orations use coloration's, say purple and inexperienced, of their projections. This additionally makes you to be had to a combination of co-lours, consisting of yellow or orange. They supply a much broader variety and are low in cost in preference to higher-stop fashions.

· RGB Set

The RGB or white mild set has the complete spectrum of co-lours to be had with inside the laser mild. These are mainly to be had in excessive-stop fashions and dominate the marketplace for huge activities. However, you do want to keep white stability in thoughts for when you manually function the RGB laser lighting as one beam should regularly overpower another. If you've got got the choice to combine your personal col-orations with RGB, make certain which you keep the wavelengths of the salvation into question. The wavelengths aid you make a decision the stop product that is simply the proper salvation.

How Can You Make The Most of Your Laser Lights?

Laser lighting fixtures are used for plenty motives apart from simply projecting lasers. You can use them with flame machines or maybe create emblem designs or different artwork with them. Some of the methods how you could make the largest of your laser lighting fixtures are as follows.

· Shapes and Structures

Laser beams normally have prey-units which consist of diverse shapes and systems inclusive of cones, fans, etc. They create an surroundings of mystical interest and let the audience to experience mesmerized via way of means of the systems. The beams also can create a haze to feature to the surroundings of the event.

· Laser Graphics

Laser photographs are used to improve emblems or different paintings with the help of laser lighting fixtures. They clutch the eye of the audience and might regularly tell a tale with their use. The use of laser photographs can also additionally want software program controls, however it does include its unique powers as well.

· Usage with different level equipment

You can use laser lighting fixtures with the smoke or fog machines you have already got bought to create a computer graphics spectacle with haze machines. When used collectively, the laser mild offers a 3-d fine to the venue and remodel the vicinity into an revel in for the viewers.


Are There Any Hazards When Using Laser Lights With Smoke Machines?

If you've got determined to apply a fog gadget or smoke gadget with the laser lighting fixtures gadget, you're in for a spectacle. However, earlier than the usage of, mainly in instances of an indoor event, you ought to clean the use together along with your venue authorities. Laser lighting fixtures don’t have any unique guidelines, however for fog or smoke machines, you would possibly need to close the smoke detectors to keep away from mishaps.

Are There Any Requirements For Using Laser Lights?

Laser lighting fixtures don’t have any precise necessities to comply with. However, for when you need to make the largest of the lighting fixtures, you could create a tick list with those necessities with the intention to upload on your mild spectacle.

· Beam Direction

The beam path is projected from the the front throughout live shows and shows. This is because the laser mild is most powerful while coming proper in the direction of you. You also can vicinity them immediately at the back of the audience.

· Ambient Light

Ensure that there may be little to no ambient mild for the visibility of the laser is higher. Ambient mild can stupid the impact of the laser lighting fixtures as they're stronger. Therefore, attempt to hold the room dimmer as a minimum while the laser mild show is on.

· Reflective Surfaces

Some venues might also additionally have reflective surfaces like mirrors or chandeliers. If the laser mild has a opportunity of bouncing off those surfaces, it's miles vital to masks them, in order that they don’t create any audience reflections.


Are There Any Safety Standards to Follow When Using Laser Lights?

Safety is paramount while the use of laser lighting fixtures. While largest laser lighting fixtures are tremendously safe, it's miles vital to stick to all the protection guidelines, mainly the ceiling height. Here are a number of the not unusual place protection requirements to comply with.

· The venue have to let for 12 to ten ft among the laser gadget and the target market to offer greater protection. · The laser mild ought to now no longer immediately experiment a person’s eyes and pores and skin as it can chance harm. Using a lesser-powered beam while pointing in the direction of the audience dramatically reduces this chance. · Ensure that the lighting fixtures are close off or low enough to now no longer distract any plane throughout outside shows. Laser lighting fixtures are normally sturdy enough to are available in a pilot’s discipline of +imaginative and prescient and can distract them from the undertaking at hand. · The venue and the laser mild gadget have to follow the guidelines and protocols.

What Regulations Should The System Comply With?

The laser mild gadget has to conform with the later guidelines.

· Compliance with the Centre for Devices and Regulatory Health (CDRH), a department of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the USA. · Any variance have to have the legally required office work at the venue. · The gadget have to follow the most permissible publicity set via way of means of the worldwide regulators. · Laser mild structures ought to comply with the International Laser Display Association’s (ILDA) code of ethics.

All outside occasions with laser presentations ought to follow plane protection.

NewFeel Stage Laser Company View                                                 

Guangzhou NewFeel Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2008, has a 300 square meters manufacturing plant in Guangzhou.We are professional in researching and manufacturing Laser Lights.

The main Brand of our company is NF Laser Light, under this brand we have :

1.ANIMATION LASER LIGHT, Applicable in : night club, disco, club, concert, Gymnasium,etc.

2.OUTDOOR LASER LANDMARK, Applicable in: outdoor landmark, laser show, advertisingetc.

3.Beam Laser Bar Light Series

With the support from our experienced and professional R&D Dept., advanced and high-tech manufacturing & testing equipment and enthusiastic sales team, our products enjoy a good reputation both in home and over sea market for their superior performance. They are mainly exported to Europe, America, Asia and other developing countries.

Our company have mastered the nicety production & manufacturing technique, strictly control and manage the product quality, product’s performance and the product testing. We devoted our best service and support to our customer for getting the win-win and long term relationship.

Sincerely we believe that: Integrity is the basic of everything!


NewFeel Stage Laser Company Advantage                        

1:You will get the best price ,as we are a Factory Company

2:You will enjoy our 2 year warranty,which means that you do not worry the quality,if have any problem,we will replace or amend all our goods for free!
3:Support 3D effect design and programmed which will allow you to make your own 3d show !
4:You could enjoy your own logo in the laser body,do your own brand!
5:If your country is cold,You can reply on our service of Heating Equipment,when the temperature below-2°,it will be heater and speed up to start working for the light
6:you will work with a laser for refreshing,neat(dust proof) and the machine working sound just like a butterfly fly
7:You could used our laser in any country as Our voltage is 100-240v and have all kinds of country plug
8:You will like in our factory to see the produce testing and packing process,as we will update video and picture when producing testing and packing

Delivery Details & Returns:                                                           

All of our shipments are packaged handled with care. Our shipping department is open 6 days a week for 12 hours a day. This listing may include an extended handling time. We will notify you immediately if the actual handling time exceeds the listed handling time. Every order may need 1-3 bussiness days of packing and handling. Delivery: Delivery schedules are based upon normal conditions. All items in stock are available for shipping within 48 hours after order is received and confirmed. If item is out of stock or back-ordered, please allow a maximum of 3-7 days to manufacture.

1.Items are dispatched from  China Warehouse within 72 hours (except weekends and holidays)

2. Please check the shipping cost and the handing fee before purchasing.

3. Return items must be the problem of product itself, not Wrong manipulation by user.

4. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges.


We will automatically leave positive feedback to every buyer who completed payment. Please email us if you have problem with the items. We will try our best to solve the issue. Your satisfaction is our first priority. We appreciate your positive feedback. 





Guangzhou New Feel Lighting and Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.

We are always providing our customers with reliable products and considerate services.

If you would like to keep touch with us directly, please go to contact us

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