280W LED Moving Head Light RGBW Stage Lighting

  • Model Number: NF-YLB275
Lamp power 275W
Power 320W
Display 1.8 inch liquid crystal display, can be reversed 180 ° display.
Color wheel  a color wheel, there are 13 color chips + 1 white light
Gobo plate a fixed gobo plate with 17 effects, the pattern comes with flowing water effect;
Prism disk 2 rotatable prisms, a round 8 prism, a honeycomb three-layer 24 prism can be superimposed,

NF-YLB275 (4).jpgNF-YLB275 (6).jpg

Finding the pleasant moving head lights on your show, space, and fashion may be a complex process. Lights create strength and exhilaration in a crowd with the aid of using combining song with beautiful visuals, so it's critical to discover what works pleasant for you. When used on your advantage, they upload a degree of professionalism and awe that your audience will remember. That's why we've researched and as compared the pleasant shifting head lighting fixtures at the market.

The particular capabilities of every moving DJ lightlike GOBO wheels, prisms, and DMX controlgive distinctive alternatives for lighting fixtures layout relying to your occasion. We've compiled and as compared the pinnacle 10 moving head lights to make it clean so that you can discover what you want.

We cowl the pleasant shifting head furniture in three major classes: beam, spot and wash. The majority of our guidelines come from the pinnacle manufacturers Newfeel. These moving head lights stand out in high-satisfactory and flexibility so that you understand you're getting the pleasant DJ lighting fixtures on your money.

Check out our listing of pinnacle moving head lights beneath and feature a laugh taking your light show to the later degree!

A moving head light is precisely what it sounds like: a light which can pass, rotate, expand, contract, show hues and designs, and so on.

This type of light will generally have a round headthat consists of the light source, a color wheel, and area for custom GOBOs or designs. The head spins and tilts on a platform that both sits beneath it or clamps onto a placing fixture. We see moving head lights in any place we need to create a positive temper, from concert events to theaters to church buildings.

Like color and depth, motion is essential for cultivating the temper and strength of an surroundings as well. Moving spotlights let for clean transitions from one vicinity of awareness to another. Laser beams talk sharp depth and exhilaration. Or, wash lights flood a crowd with colourful hues.

Moving head lights let you to pass your audience from exhilaration to disappointment to tranquility. For this reason, DJs integrate song and light to create an incredible audio visible experience.

There are three major classes of shifting head lighting fixtures: spot, beam, and wash. They are largest incredibly prominent with the aid of using how lots floor vicinity they light up, that is decided with the aid of using their beam attitude.

A beam is the largest slender mild projection. If you photo lasers at a live performance, you may think sharp strains of mild piercing the airthat's a beam. These kinds of lighting fixtures have a completely small beam attitude, because of this that the mild doesn't unfold huge because it travels. Beam projection calls for fog to maximise its visible impact because the principle enchantment of beams is looking them tour thru the air.

Spot is brief for highlight. Similar to a beam, it spreads at a reasonably small attitude so it illuminates a particular vicinity. A spot is wider than a beam, though, which makes them perfect for GOBOs. GOBO stands for move among optics. It's like a stencil that creates a sample whilst you shine a light thru it. Spotlights are huge enough to show off GOBO designs, however additionally tight enough to throw mild at a miles distance and keep crisp edges. Many artists opt for spotlights because they 're the largest flexible with regards to zoom and awareness, which lets in a spotlight to imitate a beam or a wash in a few ways.

A wash has the widest beam attitude, so it's a mild that floods a big vicinity. You'll note those lighting fixtures largest at church buildings or wedding ceremony venues because they're an clean way to fill big areas with salvation and mild. However , wash lighting fixtures aren't restrained to calmer environments; they also can function a ambitious backdrop at a live performance or pan over a screaming crowd. The versatility of a wash mild can't be overlooked.

There are plenty of factors to don't forget while deciding on a moving head light. Heres some most important considerations.



Every mild gives some thing particular, so don't forget what fits your paintings pleasant. Each shifting head mild we've indexed gives a number hues and GOBO consequences with various stages of complexity. If you're searching out extra freedom in blending hues and designs, you ought to search for lighting fixtures with twin salvation wheels or twin GOBO wheels. Other add-ons consist of prisms, shutters, strobes, and filters.

Pan & Tilt

Some lighting fixtures have a extra variety of movement than others. The pan of a shifting head mild shows its spinning variety, and the lean shows how some distance it may lean side-to-side. Product descriptions will generally offer a diploma dimension of pan and tilt.


Focus & Zoom

Both of those capabilities are essential for growing a favored texture to your lighting fixtures. Focus guarantees crisp projections or you may blur them for a softer impact. Zoom lets in your shifting head mild to alternate the beam attitude and without problems adapt to any length room. Generally, a higher quit shifting head mild gives automatic zoom.



Your lights brightness ought to suit the venue length. A big venue will generally must excessive wattage shifting head lighting fixtures at the same time as smaller venues can range relying at the occasion. For extra versatility, look for lighting fixtures with dimming capabilities.



The moving, spinning, and inner cooling structures of moving head lights could make plenty of noise. Lights ought to decorate a display, now no longer create a distraction. Rigging lighting fixtures the precise distance far far from the target market is a easy way to mitigate this problem, however make sure to check your sound in smaller venues.

There are many small matters to don't forget to maxima your shifting head impact. For example, how big is the distance, and what wattage and mild might in shape it pleasant? If GOBOs are suitable, what GOBOs are you able to use? What form is the distance and the way can the distance and lighting fixtures supplement every different?

However, a easy way to maximise your moving light impact in any area is with fog and haze. Fog captures and accentuates the motion of mild, giving it a three dimensional feel.

Spot and wash lighting fixtures are powerful on their personal, however they could fill a area even extra while stuck in a cloud of haze.

Beams, however, are nearly not anything with out fog or haze. Designed to tour some distance and light up a small floor vicinity, the pleasant way to show off beams is to seize them piercing the air.

For mounting shifting head lighting fixtures, there are major alternatives: trussing or lighting fixtures stands. Like many different components in lighting fixtures, the pleasant way to mount shifting head lighting fixtures genuinely relies upon at the venue. Trussing works pleasant in taller venues with area for overhead lighting fixtures. Lighting stands are available in a few sizes and designs to house distinctive kinds of shifting head lights.


For both alternative, you need to be acquainted with the distinctive clamps every mild calls for. Vendors generally listing clamp alternatives of their product descriptions. Invest in lighting fixtures stands suitable for the load of your shifting head mild and continually test that your trussing is secure . Moving head lighting fixtures variety everywhere among 10-50 pounds, so now no longer all mounting alternatives are equal.

DMX is brief for virtual multiplex,that is definitely a preferred verbal exchange community for lighting fixtures.

That sounds complex, however all it approach is that there may be a standardized way to manually software mild displays. DMX programming lets in you to customize and layout your personal display. However, getting to know DMX lighting fixtures takes practice, however you'll discover the lot you want to understand with inside the product manual.

A fool evidence software alternative is Sound Active Mode. A shifting head mild ready with Sound Active Mode will form a small microphone so it may experience and suit the beat of the song you play. This way, the lighting fixtures essentially run themselves. Sound Active Mode can prevent plenty of time and hassle if you're unexpected with DMX programming.

To sum up, there are most important matters to don't forget while shopping for shifting head lighting fixtures: area and occasion. The length of the distance and the favored strength of the occasion will suggest all the capabilities youll want.

For example, a big convention might must effective wash and see lighting fixtures with fundamental capabilities. On the alternative hand, a contract DJ would possibly pick the largest transportable hybrid choice to accommodate a few events.

Moving head lighting fixtures offer many retailers for innovative expression with hues, designs, beams, prisms, strobes, and so on. Luckily, there are many alternatives for shifting head lighting fixtures so there may be continually a way to discover a mild with a gap that suits your personal. Pay interest to the dimensions of your area and the tone of your occasion, then with any luck you may believe what shifting head mild will paintings pleasant for you.

Newfeel is a hybrid moving spot equipped with Osram HRI 280W as the light source. The 3.8 ° ~ 20 ° beam angle, combined with the powerful lamp of the HRI 280W, creates a powerful beam. It can also be used as a wash light by installing a frost filter. A wide variety of effects can be created by mounting a 6-sided linear rotate prism and an 8-sided circular rotate prism. It is a next-generation moving spot that integrates all of the beam, spot, and wash in the production into one unit.

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This newest style 280W intelligent moving head spot beam wash light has novel design and compact structure can be as a very professional moving head light. It has small beam angle, bean angle scale freely, has multitask beam angle change effect. It has high brightness, downy lighting, and professional linear focus to meet the high quality lighting needs. This type moving head light can be widely used in professional stage performances, studio, TV station, the theatre and other entertainment places.


Product Features


New style intelligent moving head light, beam lighting with zoom function;

Double prism effect, beam angle adjustable;

4.5 degree beam, close to the parallel light, electronic linear focus, multitask beam angle change effect;

Built-in long life battery which can be automatically charging, don't need connect the power to set the address ID.


🔮Professional Moving Head Beam Light DJ Moving Head Lights 280W Stage Light

🔮Lighting Effect: Beam Light, Wash light, Spotlight, Strobe.

🔮Automatic Rotating Light Head: ready with an automated 540°rotatable Pan and an automated 270°rotatable Tilt.

🔮We will pick DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT to deliver your order, typically it'll take 3-7 running days to reach at your address.

🔮We will give loose excellent guarantee of years and first-rate after-income service




Soft lighting is not dazzling

Power in/out

3pin DMX in/out

Flexible rotation

Multi-functional stage light with beam spot wash

Applications: banquet school show wedding light ktv dj home cocktail indoor outdoor party festival theater pub christmas lights club music show church nightclubs entertainment disco parties room birthday dance lighting shows ballroom dance hall pub bar show wedding ceremony discotheque fashion show hall performance hall concert black light glow parties gym holidays gig restaurant theatre tv architectural

NewFeel Stage Laser Company View                                                 

Guangzhou NewFeel Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2008, has a 300 square meters manufacturing plant in Guangzhou.We are professional in researching and manufacturing Laser Lights.

The main Brand of our company is NF Laser Light, under this brand we have :

1.ANIMATION LASER LIGHT, Applicable in : night club, disco, club, concert, Gymnasium,etc.

2.OUTDOOR LASER LANDMARK, Applicable in: outdoor landmark, laser show, advertisingetc.

3.Beam Laser Bar Light Series

With the support from our experienced and professional R&D Dept., advanced and high-tech manufacturing & testing equipment and enthusiastic sales team, our products enjoy a good reputation both in home and over sea market for their superior performance. They are mainly exported to Europe, America, Asia and other developing countries.

Our company have mastered the nicety production & manufacturing technique, strictly control and manage the product quality, product’s performance and the product testing. We devoted our best service and support to our customer for getting the win-win and long term relationship.

Sincerely we believe that: Integrity is the basic of everything!


NewFeel Stage Laser Company Advantage                        

1:You will get the best price ,as we are a Factory Company

2:You will enjoy our 2 year warranty,which means that you do not worry the quality,if have any problem,we will replace or amend all our goods for free!
3:Support 3D effect design and programmed which will allow you to make your own 3d show !
4:You could enjoy your own logo in the laser body,do your own brand!
5:If your country is cold,You can reply on our service of Heating Equipment,when the temperature below-2°,it will be heater and speed up to start working for the light
6:you will work with a laser for refreshing,neat(dust proof) and the machine working sound just like a butterfly fly
7:You could used our laser in any country as Our voltage is 100-240v and have all kinds of country plug
8:You will like in our factory to see the produce testing and packing process,as we will update video and picture when producing testing and packing

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