2000W Fresnel Tungsten Spotlight For Studio Video Film Photo Light

  • Model Number: NF-FL2000
Bulb 1pc 2000W Lamp, G38
Base GY9.5
Average lifespan of lamp  5000h
Color warm white
Dimmer 0-100% linear dimmer
Lens φ175mm
Condensed light 0.8m, 1.1m, 1.7m
Distance 4m, 6m, 8m
Middle light: 2.1m, 3.2m, 4.3m
Astigmatism 4.2m, 6.2m, 8.3m

NF-FL1000 (1).jpgSuperior quality built in and increased performance

     The Newfeel Studio Fresnel 2000W Pole Operated has a robust die cast aluminum construction, fully compatible with third party accessories (ARRI, Filmgear). The product is designed for the European market and includes high quality components that truly stand out among all the variety of tungsten Fresnel lights available.

Pole operated controls: focusing, pan, tilting

     The Studio Fresnel 2000W Pole Operated was designed to be controlled from the floor when the fixture is hanged high above. Tilting, pan, focusing and barndoors adjustments are all done by the ground level with an optional controlling pole. This type of fixtures are best suited for studio applications, theater and stage installations where there is a need for clear sets and hanged lighting equipment is a must.

True Fresnel lens and smooth focusing mechanism

     The high quality Fresnel lens with short focal length and wide angles increases the light output and delivers superior optical performance. The adjustable focus from spot (11°) to flood (56°) makes it easy to obtain the desired intensity or beam width.

Fully die cast aluminum housing

     The Newfeel Studio Fresnel 2000W is using a series of aluminum extrusions and aluminum corrosion castings for the housing to quickly dissipate the heat that comes from the light bulb therefore increasing the lamp's life. The amount of time needed for the fixture to cool down is reduced so it's easier to handle.

European safety regulations compliant

     The Studio Fresnel 2000W complies with the European CE safety standards. The fixture is provided with a 3 core power cable with earthing wire. Also, the ceramic lamp socket features insulated wiring to protect against the heat generated by the light bulb.

Key Features:

  • pole operated controls: focus, tilt, pan
  • true Fresnel lens increases light output 
  • adjustable focus from spot 11° to flood 56° beam angle
  • sturdy die cast aluminum construction, corrosion resistant 
  • aluminum extrusions ensure proper heat dissipation form the lighting bulb
  • ceramic lamp socket with insulated wiring
  • solid metal yoke bar with spigot 28 mm (1-18" pin)
  • compatible with third party accessories (ARRI, Filmgear)
  • Similar as Arri style fresnel spot light, equips hmi lamp, high power and brightness. This light is very suitable for the video, studio, TV, and other professional places.


  • High power, high brightness;

  • Easy install, and easy replace the bulb;

  • High CRI, suitable for video taking.

Technical Specifications

Light Sources

  • Bulb: 1pc 2000W Lamp, G38

  • Average lifespan of lamp: 5000h

  • Color: warm white


  • Dimmer: 0-100% linear dimmer

  • Lens: φ175mm

Light Output

  • Distance: 4m, 6m, 8m

  • Condensed light: 0.8m, 1.1m, 1.7m

  • Middle light: 2.1m, 3.2m, 4.3m

  • Astigmatism: 4.2m, 6.2m, 8.3m


  • Control mode: manual

  • Control panel: switch, rotary knob

Power Supply

  • Related voltage: AC110V/220V, 50/60Hz

  • Related power: 2100W


  • Body dimension: D290*W256*H350mm

  • Net weight: 6kg

  • Shell color: sliver and blue

  • Shell material: aluminium

Working Environment

  • Working temperature: -25-40℃

  • Cooling: the light body dissipates heat naturally

  • Protection rating: IP20

Standard Configuration Spare Part List

  • Cable: 1pc power cable with plug(America standard, Euro standard, or other standard)

  • User manual: English version user manual

Optional Configuration Spare Parts List

  • Clamps: different style clamps optional (choose from Newfeel homepage “Accessaries series”)

  • Safety rope: different size safety ropes optional (choose from Newfeel homepage “Accessaries series”)


  • Carton board box package size: 490*420*390mm(1pc/carton)[c:19-02-19]

  • N.W/G.W/V.W: 6kg/9g/16.5kg

  • Carton board box package size: 480*450*820mm(2pc/carton) [c:18-08-02]

  • N.W/G.W/V.W: 18kg/22kg/36kg need confirm the gross weight

  • Flight case package size: 1300*710*800mm(2pcs/flight case) [yg:18-12-17]

  • Net weight of flight case: 20kg

  • N.W/G.W: 18kg/38kg

  • Flight case package size: 745*640*650mm(4pcs/flight case)

  • Net weight of flight case: 30kg

  • N.W/G.W: 36kg/68kg

NF-FL2000 (1).pngNF-FL2000 (4).jpgNF-FL2000 (9).jpgLight-Set.jpg71pxwJ60hgL._AC_SL1500_.jpgNF-FL1000 (5).jpgNF-FL1000 (6).jpg




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