Why LED Par stage is important for degree and occasions?

Boundless salvation of the flamboyant global is because of the presence of various colors, and additionally due to the proper degree lights fixtures as a backdrop, the degree flip out to be colorful. Why LED Par mild is important for degree and occasions? Because of this, the degree lights fixtures producers determined out the significance of assorted salvation converting, so greater consultant degree lights fixtures device – Stage Par mild grew to become into born.

Par mild is stated as originated in foreign “par can”, which means the spotlight, its miles especially used to create a level atmosphere, lights fixtures and so on. While normal Par is greater conventional, its lights fixtures impact isn't always proper as LED PAR, so now largest of the level lights fixtures use LED Par. LED PAR lamps use LED because the mild source(please take a glance at final blog the way to preference a totally good led par), with wealthy salvation effects, excessive brightness characteristics, site a selected easy example, one Par mild with 36 portions LED (consist of red, inexperienced and blue), after blending debugging, you may meet 16.7 million species blending effects, terrific numbers. Therefore, LED par lamps are used for ranges and masses of big occasions so one can convey a sturdy and sundry colouration impact, allow the goal goal market experience the salvation converting LED lights fixtures convey to the global.

LED Par Light, used LED lamp as a lights fixtures source, is usually applied in today’s degree lights fixtures, hereby ERA lights fixtures will tell you why LED par is famous with inside the global, and develop to be a main new darling of the degree and the night-time time market. You can see a few elements with inside the following:

1. LED mild source is brighter and clearer:  excessive brightness, low-calorie and extraordinarily good brilliant LED bulbs can emit brilliant and clean mild, that's the conventional Par mild cant be compared. Traditional Par excessive in calories, LED Par is a chilly mild source, no wariness radiation to the environment.

2. The blending impact is wealthy, which includes blending 54 portions red, inexperienced and blue LED lamp, you may have greater than ten million sorts of salvation impact, with a totally wealthy salvation effects, it could make the degree greater colorful.

3. Save power: the conventional Par can is 1000w generally, the overall strength of LED Par is set 300W or less. LED bulbs as we today use LED lights fixtures, as are excessive brightness(each 15W LED)and power-green lights fixtures products, lights wanted device and greater, each time a display down, must waste an entire lot of electricity, so the studies and improvement of power-green degree lights fixtures device is the key. The LED PAR lamp producers additionally stated that nows the generation of the LED lights fixtures industry, power green, to fulfill the necessities of the times.

four. Durable, lengthy lifespan: LED bulbs are greater lengthy lasting than conventional bulbs, and LED PAR can meet 6-10 million hours existence, existence is pretty lengthy.

Because of its power efficiency, lengthy existence and different first-rate performance, LED Par Light is the popular preference for clients, is also the contemporary preference of level lighting fixtures fixtures device.

Are those four motives supportable that lets in you to select this object on your business?

 Why is LED Par light essential for stage and event?


The boundless color of the fancy world is because of the existence of different colors, and because of the brilliant stage lighting as the background, making the stage colorful. Why is LED Par light essential for stage and event? It is precisely because of this that stage lighting manufacturers are aware of the importance of diversified color changes, so more representative stage lighting equipment-Stage Par lights came into being.

Par light originated from the foreign "par can", which means spotlight, and is mainly used to create stage atmosphere and lighting. Although ordinary Par is more traditional, its lighting effect is not as good as LED PAR, so most stage lights now use LED Par. LED PAR lights use LEDs as the light source (please check the earlier blog-how to choose a good led par), with rich color effects and high brightness. To give a specific simple example, a Par light with 36 LEDs ( including red, green and Blue), after mixing and debugging, 16.7 million kinds of mixing effects can be achieved, which is an astonishing number. Therefore, the stage and many large-scale events use LED par lights to bring strong and changeable light and shadow effects, so that the audience can feel the color change brought by the LED lights to the world.

LED par light, with LED light as the light source, is the common light source of today's stage lighting. Times light tells you why LED par light is popular all over the world and has become a new favorite of stage and night market. You can see some aspects in the following areas:

The LED light source is brighter and clearer: the high-brightness, low-calorie, ultra-bright LED bulb emits bright and clear light, which is unmatched by traditional par lights. Traditional Par has high heat. LED Par is a cold light source and has no heat radiation to the environment.

Rich color mixing effects, such as color mixing 54 red, green and blue LED lights, you will have more than tens of millions of color effects, very rich color effects, can make the stage more colorful.

Energy saving: The traditional Par tank is generally 1000w, and the general power of the LED Par is about 300W or below. LED bulbs are just like the LED lights we use today, with high brightness (each 15W LED) and energy-saving lighting products, equipment needed for lighting fixtures, etc. Every showdown will waste a lot of electricity, so research and develop energy-saving stage lighting Equipment is the key. The LED PAR lamp manufacturers also said that now is the era of the LED lighting industry , which is highly efficient and energy-saving, which meets the requirements of the times.

Durable and long life: LED bulbs are more durable than traditional bulbs. The life of LED PAR can reach 6-10 million hours, which is quite long.

LED par light has become the first choice of customers because of its excellent performance such as energy-saving and long life, and it is also the latest choice of stage lighting equipment.

How to use SHOWTEC Compact LED 715 Q4 PAR LIGHT

At AV Unit, we know how incredible it is to cycle through the menus trying to figure out how to make the lighting equipment do something. Therefore, we can only imagine how frustrated our hired clients will be when they have to do this. We will send a pre-set fixture and ready to plug and play, but we understand that even with the best plan, sometimes you may want to change it. That's why we put together a series of short instructional videos on how to do this!

One of our most often rented lamps is Showtec Compact par 7/15 Q4. An incredibly versatile and durable device with a range of applications, from illuminating the walls of the venue to adding charm to your band. One of the easiest and most cost- effective ways to make your event an unforgettable night with just a little extra content!

so.... What can it do? How does it work? Where can it go? Let's start with some basic specifications...

The luminance has 7 15W RGBW LEDs, which can be joined to produce a total output of 8950 lux @ 2m. In contrast, the average brightness of your living room bulb at the same distance is about 50 lux, so... it's very bright , but what about the beam angle? The device has a tight 15° beam angle, which keeps the light concentrated and directed where you want it. A good add-on that can also be rented is the optional gel frame and barn door, which can be used to create a wider dispersion by adding Frost filters.

Before we get into the interesting stuff. We must connect it all. When hiring from us, we will give you all the necessary cables and accessories that you need to get up and running.

This luminary is great for many reasons, but one of its best features is the power connection. With the locking Powercon inputs/outputs on the back of the fixture, you can connect up to 20 fixtures from a 13 amp socket-leaving all other sockets for important things!

Connecting the lamps together is very simple,thanks tour Powercon/DMX combination cable makes everything simple and tidy.

Operation mode

Static-This mode is exactly what it says, static color, you have two sub-options in this menu.


1. Fixed color-choose one of 15 preset colors

2. Manual color-Use RGB Pantone reference to create any color in the RGBW color spectrum.

Sound-This mode uses the built-in microphone to cycle through the music beats to select colors, and you can also adjust the sensitivity of the microphone in this menu

Automatic-In this mode, you can choose one of 4 automatic options to perform different selections, and you can also adjust the speed of the options you select.

DMX-The device accepts the complete DMX 512 protocol in a variety of different modes

1. 4-channel mode-red, green, blue, white

2. 6-channel mode-red, green, blue, white, main dimmer and strobe

3. 10-channel mode-main dimmer, red, green, blue, white, RGBW gradient, strobe, color effect, effect speed adjustment and dimmer speed

Master/Slave function

By adding a DMX cable, you can use the master-slave function. This function allows you to set up multiple lights at the same time by simply telling the first fixture to become the main fixture. The other (slave) fixtures in the line will mimic what the first fixture is doing.

Pantone to RGB conversion

When manually mixing RGB colors, getting the correct shade can be really difficult, especially when you are trying to match your brand. But don't panic, all the hard work has been done for you. Using the pantone to HEX/RGB conversion chart , you can easily match any color to the RGB LED combination.

The Pantone color matching system is a standardized color reproduction system used by many manufacturers all over the world. This is an easy way to ensure that any color can be copied across all formats.

At this point, you need to know all the information about our showtec Compact par 7/15 Q4 LED cleaning device.

If you want to rent this lamp, please contact us, you can send an email to or call +8613318866359.

Not long ago, I picked up a set of RGB LED standard can lights from a friend. They are unbranded, but I did some searches on the Internet. It turns out that they are sold under the TMS brand. I think it represents T- Motorsports, but I'm not sure.

They are just ordinary low-cost lights, you can buy 20, 10, 8, 4, 2 or even 1 as a pack. They are very affordable, small, and can get the job done.

I haven't actually used them yet. In some recent tests, I noticed that one of the devices seems to be handled differently from all other devices.

After confirming that the problem is that the red and green channels are flipped, I think this is a problem that can be easily fixed. I turned on a good light and a bad light to compare the wiring.

It may be difficult to see in the picture above, but the blue and black wires from the control PCB have been reverse-soldered to the LED PCB at the factory. I lit the soldering iron and exchanged the connections.

This is the situation where all the lights work as expected after switching the wires.

Best LED ceiling light and LED PAR light

Want to provide some vibrant, vibrant and unique lighting for parties, bars, nightclubs, discos, DJ performances, theater nights, and other events? Well, you have come to the right place. LED PAR lights and spotlights are relatively new forms of lighting , but don't be discouraged by them. These lamps provide infinitely attractive lighting effects and combinations of prospects, they are achieved by using cutting-edge LED lighting technology-compared with traditional forms of lighting, this technology is cheaper, more energy-efficient , and more environmentally friendly. There are currently many LED uplights for sale, we are here to help you remove the chaff and get the best product. Read on to learn more.

These Newfeel LED RGBW PAR lights are very suitable for commercial nightclubs, DJ performances, stage lighting products, or even just your own parties and events at home. Using this product, you will get 12 LED crystal clear light (red, blue, green) , and a variety of working modes to choose from, including 8 digital DMX channels, Sound Actvated, voice activated, automatic and master-slave. Lighting effects include static colors, changing colors, mixed colors, pulses, strobes, gradient lights, and dimming effects ranging from 0 to 100%. All settings can be controlled via infrared remote control or digital DMX programming accessed via the LED digital display control panel. And because these LED ceiling lights only use the best and the latest cutting-edge energy-saving LED technology, you can be sure when you buy this type of light that you will ultimately save a lot of electricity bills-also because it is very durable. And because the heat output and noise are very small, it can be used safely for several hours without worrying about catching fire or being burned when moving. This is a high-quality PAR lamp, one of the best products of its kind on the market today. Use these unique PAR lights from Newfeel light to illuminate your parties, events, music and theater performances, and create a charming atmosphere and atmosp here.

PAR upward lighting is the most commonly used type of lighting equipment in concerts, nightclubs, and live music performances-it is also used as stage lighting in theaters. You can even use it at home to provide functional and decorative lighting for your Christmas parties and other gatherings. If this sounds like something you want to do, then you have come to the right place. This LED par light from LaluceNatz is equipped with 18 LED bulbs (6 red, 6 blue, 6 green), which can project a wide -angle beam (10 x 5 feet), and has a variety of working modes and lighting effects. Including static color, change, fade in and fade out, jump, pulse, strobe and dimming to choose from. All settings are controlled via DMX 512 digital control system or via infrared remote control-you have two options to choose from. It is made of sturdy metal and ABS plastic material and is durable-in fact, Newfeel light's LED PAR cans have a service life of 50-100K hours. And because its voltage is so low-another go od news for LED lighting! – There is almost no need to worry about heat output, so it can be used safely for several hours without fire or injury when moving the lighting equipment. Use this luxurious quality PAR light from LaluceNatz to create stunning and unique lighting effects at your Christmas parties, wedding receptions, nightclubs and other events and locations. Use this lamp to observe the uplifting mood and atmosphere you create in the event, and you will want to know how you would be without it. Highly recommended, this is a good purchase.

This Newfeel light PAR LED light provides you with an ideal lighting solution, suitable for birthday parties, Christmas parties, wedding banquets, nightclubs or discotheques or DJ performances in your home if you want some fashionable dynamic lighting. This LED PAR light is equipped with 3 super bright LED bulbs, 4 colors (red, blue, green, ultraviolet) and multiple lighting modes-including DMX, sound activation, master-slave and automatic. The potential lighting effects of this lamp include static colors, color changes, fading, strobes , pulses, and dimming. To control the settings, please use DMX digital programming or the IR remote control in the box. This LED laser light only uses LED lighting technology, which means you will enjoy supreme energy-which is also a more efficient lighting experience. It is also longer lasting than most other lamps of this type on the market and produces almost no heat output, so you can use it continuously for hours without worrying about being in cont act with the equipment. OPPSK's LED ceiling lights have all the features and modern shortcomings you might require in such lights. If you want to create a good atmosphere or mood lighting for parties and events, their LED PAR cans are your first choice of lighting.

Newfeel light has brought another exquisite PAR ceiling light, their product can produce a variety of dazzling lighting effects, if you want to create an interesting and dynamic vision in a party, nightclub or disco or other activities Atmosphere, it is a good choice. Using this PAR 64 LED light, you will get a large capacity of 86 LED diodes (red 44, green 21, blue 21), which can produce super bright light and have a super wide-angle beam. There are a variety of lighting modes to choose from, including DMX, master-slave, sound activation and automatic; and effects include static color, color change, fading, dimming, pulse, strobe, gradient lighting, etc. Control settings through the DMX program accessed through the LED display on the control panel, or use an infrared remote control (not including battery)-you can get two controller options with this LED laser light! You can hang it up or put it on the ground. All the mounting brackets you need are included in the box at no extra charg e. Since Newfeel light's up lighting uses the latest and greatest LED lighting technology, this small energy saving figure will save you hundreds

ls and has a longer starting life than other lamps on the market. Marvel at the minimal heat output produced by this LED PAR light, you can use it continuously for hours and still be relatively cool to the touch. Whether at home or in a commercial environment, to get amazing lighting effects and a fashionable and dynamic atmosphere, Newfeel's PAR LED laser light is your best choice, it is truly unique.

Here, we have another PAR lamp from the excellent Newfeel, this lamp and their other products in this category are there. With this LED PAR light, you will get 9 LED chips (green, blue and red), which emit super bright light with a wide-angle beam. As far as the working mode is concerned, there are 7 DMX channels to choose from, automatic mode, sound activation and master-slave-and the lighting effects include static color, color change, strobe, pulse, dimming and fade. All settings of this Newfeel PAR LED light can be adjusted through DMX programming or the infrared remote control attached to this light. Whether you want to host a party at home, or hold a unique and vibrant visual atmosphere in clubs, discos, DJ nights, bars, theater nights and other places, this lamp can meet your needs. More importantly, these Newfeel LED ceiling lights are very easy to install, you can place them on the ground, or install them on the wall or ceiling-it's up to you to choose. This is also LED lighti ng, so when you buy this product, you can be sure that you will get some truly cost-effective, energy-saving and long-lasting lighting. This LED laser light also produces almost no heat output, so you can use it with impunity , if you want, you can use it continuously for several hours, and it's still relatively cool to the touch. Whether at home or in commercial environments such as bars, clubs and DJ performances, using these exquisite small LED PAR tanks from GBGS to create an interesting and dynamic visual atmosphere, they provide so many possibilities. It is well worth your time and money. It is one of the best PAR lights.

Newfeel's 36 LED PAR Light upward lighting is an excellent choice for you to find stylish and dynamic lighting for parties, events, nightclubs, DJ performances, etc. This product is equipped with 36 LEDs (12 red, 12 green and 12 blue), no matter where you place it, it can emit a super bright wide-angle beam. Choose from a variety of working modes, including DMX512 channel, sound activated, automatic, master-slave, etc. Lighting effects include static mode, color change, fade , dimming, pulse and strobe. To adjust the settings, please choose to use the DMX programming or infrared remote control located on the LED display control panel (battery not included). Place your LED laser light on the floor or install it on the ceiling or wall. All the brackets and instructions you need are included. Its durable and lightweight plastic design will withstand the test under all conditions and will be usable for many years to come. LED lights are longer lasting, more energy-efficient, more cost- effec tive than all the alternatives on the market, and are safer to use-you will be amazed by the way the lights remain cool after hours of use. Whether in family gatherings and events, or in business environments such as discos, clubs, bars, and DJ performances, if you want a vibrant and dynamic visual atmosphere, Newfeel is the best choice for men. Highly recommend, go out and buy one of their LED PAR lights today.

If you want to use some unique and interesting atmosphere lights in parties, weddings, DJ performances or other events, then Newfeel's RGB stage lights will meet your needs. Their PAR lights have many possibilities, which is not funny! 18 LED diodes (6 red , 6 green, 6 blue) emit a vibrant, ultra-bright wide-angle beam, which can be used in a variety of lighting modes, including multiple DMX channels, sound activation, master-slave and automatic. The lighting effects produced by this light range from static, changing colors, mixed colors, strobes, pulses and dimming. Adjust and change all settings through the digital DMX controller that comes with this LED laser light. As for the placement location, you can place the Newfeel LED ceiling light on the floor of your choice, or hang it on the wall or ceiling-instructions and mounting brackets are provided. Finally, this lamp uses the most advanced LED lighting technology, so you can be confident that it is an energy-saving product-stay tune d for saving on energy bills! Due to its low power consumption, the LED light generates very little heat, this one is no exception, it will remain cool even after several hours of use. These PAR lights from Missyee are there, and they have the best products of their kind on the market. For some energetic and dynamic event lighting, these products can't go wrong.

NewfeelPAR's 56 PAR has a variety of different working modes and lighting modes to choose from.





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