LED DJ moving head light introduction

Before delving into our article, let's start with the basics. The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is what is LED, or more specifically, what is LED DJ moving head light

LED stands for light emitting diode. It is a semiconductor or light source that emits light when current flows through it. Electrons in semiconductors recombine with electron holes, releasing energy in the form of photons.

LEDs have many advantages, including lower energy consumption, longer life, higher physical strength, smaller size/convenience, and faster switching speeds. Various applications include LEDs. Examples of such applications include aviation lighting, colored lights, automotive headlights, general lighting, traffic signals, camera flashes, and medical equipment.

Infrared LEDs are also used in remote control circuits. Before the advent of modern LEDs, the first visible light LEDs were very low in intensity and limited to red.

However, LED DJ moving head lights can give a strong LED beam effect for your work and are used by countless lightning designers, club owners, stage performers and mobile DJ artists all over the world. Not only that, they are also used in live events , concerts, television, theaters, and indoor/outdoor installations.

Next, we will introduce the types of moving head lights, their functions, and if you are a person working in these fields, what is the best LED DJ moving head light you should get.

So, without further ado, let's go!

Classify mobile headlights;

The moving head lights manufactured by manufacturers are mainly divided into three categories, namely, dishwashing lights, beam lights and spotlights/contour lights. Among the three, the spot/profile and washing are usually the same, and the beam angle of the beam is the narrowest. When displayed, spots/outlines have sharp edges, while washing has softer edges.

Spot LED is a lightning product used to project light to a certain place or point. Profile LED is usually used in kitchens or ceilings because it can be adjusted to a certain size. LED produces a thin laser-like Beam beam in the air. Because of its non-conical, unique beam, it is often used for live events. When you need to light up a large area, use the cleaning LED.

Not only front lights, but LEDs are also used as indicator lights in many electronic devices, as rear windows and brake lights in automobiles, as alphanumeric displays for billboards and signs, and even full-color posters.

Now that we have briefly understood the types of LEDs and their functions, let us continue to introduce each type of product that displays these LEDs.

NEWFEELlight's NF-HL470BSW has 36 pieces of OSRAM, RGBW light source. Its area ranges from 15⁰ to 40⁰. In addition, it also provides 240V voltage and 400W power battery. The service life is estimated to be about 20,000 hours. The advanced optical system ensures a range of beam effects.

The application field of NF-HL470BSW can create stage light and shadow vision, and offer high-quality display effects for professional places such as bars, clubs, events, and catwalk shows. The lens board can be rotated up to 360⁰. It has classic colors to choose from, such as red, green, blue, and white, because they can be mixed to produce any effect.

The product weighs about 7.5 kg and has an LCD touch screen display. As mentioned earlier, it is very suitable for large-scale concerts, stage performances, theaters, exhibitions, etc. Isn't it great? Go now to take a look at NF-HL470BSW

Rotating DJ party stage lights;

Here, we will discuss the Rotating DJ Party Stage Light of Pyle Store.

Rotating DJ party stage lights have an all-axis rotating head, which can be moved in a pattern to change the position of the spotlight, from floor and wall to ceiling. In addition, this kind of light is a perfect substitute for disco ball. It has a built-in microphone that can be adjusted according to the speed of the light mode. The lamp weighs about 4.74 pounds. It is forced to become a spotlight by the spotlight LED.

It has a stylish appearance and efficient optical system. The zoom range is from 7⁰ to 70⁰, it has a blue LCD screen control panel, has a dual language system, namely English and Chinese, 180⁰ degree rotation.

It can easily create an attractive atmosphere and comprehensively enhance the presence of the entire stage. Now you can also enjoy RDM, DMX software upgrade functions.

This product has about four channels as described above; 11, 17, 18, 58. It also comes with optional network function support. The net weight of this product is 15KG.

In order to make sure that the product is responsible, it has CE certification, ISO standards and RoHs certificates to make sure that you use your hard-earned money to buy high-quality products.

in conclusion:

We hope that the comparison results we have drawn for you prove to be helpful to the selection an LED DJ moving head light for your upcoming event or just for fun. Finding a product that satisfies you is indeed a time-consuming task, but at least it will leave no regrets.

Why choose us?

We have been dealing with various LED lights for many years. Therefore, we promise to only offer high-quality lights. Our LED lights are durable and reliable. Every LED light we develop meets the highest industry standards. After all, providing quality is one of our top priorities.

This is more important, right? Make your choice and buy now! I wish you all a happy shopping!

LED party moving head light introduction

Finding the right LED party moving head light is very important. Smart lighting, also called moving head lights or moving head lights, are more advanced than traditional fixed lighting because they are automated; they can be moved. These moving head lights are versatile and have many functions. Therefore, they are an excellent investment for parties and concerts, and they are not expensive. The many functions that make them so versatile include pan, tilt, fine pan, fine tilt, pan/tilt speed, dimmer, shutter, zoom , focus, aperture, patterns 1, 2, 3, etc. In addition, rotation (direction and speed), gobo wheel animation wheel, prism (3, 4, 8, 16-sided circular or six-sided linear), prism rotation (direction and speed), effect wheel, lamp reset and many other functions Also included in these lights.

Depending on the venue and its application, LED party moving head lights are versatile and economical. With proper programming, they can change many variations of their characteristics, such as color and direction, very quickly. These moving head lights usually only use simple commands for pre-programming and playback. However, if the person operating them has experience, they can control them at will. LED lights are a low-power, bright lighting solution that you can program to respond to music. You should consider the different programming functions and built-in effects in the LED moving head light to understand all the lighting possibilities of the application in which you will use it.

Here are the 5 best LED party moving head lights we picked

NF-YLB275 uses LED 1200W white light module, stylish appearance and efficient optical system. The color temperature can reach 7500K, and the illuminance can reach 45,000 lux in beam mode. The sharpness and excellent LED output create a strong visual impact for the stage performance . In addition, it has excellent optical system design, CMY color mixing system and CTO color temperature correction system, which can control the color of light very accurately.

Its features include a fixed pattern wheel with eight pattern filters including white, a rotating pattern wheel with six patterns including white, and a cutting wheel with four cutting blades to form a controllable Point cutting system. Moreover, the display has a rechargeable battery and the control mode DMX512, Art-net, RDM, SACN, SACN remote upgrade.

NF-LBS230 moving head light 230w stage light

This moving head light adopts 230wLED moving head light, which is specially designed for major events with extremely high brightness. It lights up the stage with a changeable rainbow of eight colors and eight gorgeous patterns. In addition, it also has professional 16 channels; supports DMX512 control, voice control, master-slave control, and automatic operation mode. It is very suitable for special visual effects of parties. In addition, it comes with a one-year warranty, and these LED moving head lights are made of high- quality ABS plastic.

NF-LM90S rotating mobile stage light with RGB color LED projector bulb, flashing disco flash, beat sync motion effect and DMX control

All-axis rotating head: This LED stage light has an all-axis rotating head, which can change the position of the spotlight, from the floor to the wall to the ceiling. You can easily adjust the panning mode according to your needs. It also has an automatic beat synchronization function, allowing the LED moving head light to detect the BPM of music playback and adjust the speed of the light pattern to match it. You can change the design, speed, or color projection of the light on the LCD button display.

The moving head light system includes a focusing FX 4 in 1 x 10W RGBW bulb, which provides full color. The bulb is bright and powerful. You can combine this LED moving head light with any other Pyle lights, and synchronize multiple moving head lights with one controller to work together.

NF-LM350C 350W CMY LED moving head light with remote control

The remote control can easily control all modes of this LED moving head light. It has a high-output light color effect, with eight patterns, eight colors, and colors The effect and color rotation speed can be controlled. The X-axis scanning angle of the moving head light is 540°, and the Y-axis is 270°. There are 5 lighting effect options for LED moving head lights.

Including automatic operation mode, sound activation mode, DMX512 mode, master-slave mode and remote control.It is made of aluminum alloy and PVC. The light has an LED display with a beam angle of 15-25 degrees. It is effortless to use and comes with a flexible mounting bracket-ideal for gatherings.

Stage lighting fixtures can be used to illuminate everything from rock concerts to weddings, night news broadcasts and theater lighting; whether it is Fresnel, PAR, ellipsoid, loop lights, strip lights, shovels, stage lighting LED beams, moving lights Or stage spotlight. For every place and every application in your stage lighting system-from high-performance entertainment and studios to long-life buildings, we have the stage lighting equipment you are looking for.

Recommend our mini moving head beam light to you here. It is our company's brand-name product.

Comparison of the mini beam with the old big pointed beam:

1) The channel list is the same as the old channel (16/20 channel)

2) The same optics, but more powerful, especially in prisms and patterns.

3) The effect pattern is the same size as OLD 5/7R

4) The upgraded version is 29% faster than the old version, 20% smaller and 34% brighter.

Smaller shell, saving freight and more convenient installation

5) Beautiful mini houses and more competitive prices help to successfully occupy the market.

Of course our mini beam also has its own advantages:

1) The smaller shell can save more transportation costs, and the installation is also convenient and safe

2) Beautiful and novel appearance design, which can satisfy customers' demand for novelty. Easy to occupy the market.

3) Generally speaking, this smaller housing uses 200w and 230w lamps, and the biggest problem is high temperature. It is difficult to solve.

But our engineers overcome this problem and make it perfect. In addition, we are now manufacturing this kind of 280w enclosure.

4) We have our own development team, and we can create a new product every 3 months.


No other traditional lamp can give such a lighting effect, while keeping the heat generated to a minimum and providing fundamental energy savings. Source Fours optics has not been surpassed in imaging excellence. Our moving head stage lighting is becoming a major player in professional lighting. Their brightness, energy-saving, non-heating and discoloration capabilities make them the best choice for many applications. Whether you need beam light, spotlight or LED par light, we believe you will find it here. If you want to discuss your current stage lighting settings or have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. One of our dedicated and enthusiastic theater lighting partners will give answers and suggestions for your application.

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It provides detailed information about the market.

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