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New creative LED laser light: What is the difference between laser and LED lighting? If the laser light and LED light are combined together, what will be the effect of combining them in one product?


First, let’s talk about the difference between laser light and LED light

When you think of LED light, you might think of standard stage moving head lights, wall washers, light strips, light bars, or energy-saving bulbs commonly used in household yellow and white lamps and floor lamps.

If you want to illuminate the night (or day) with unique and memorable colors different from the typical off-white and yellow, you have two main options: laser and LED.

What is LED light?

The abbreviation LED light stands for "Light Emitting Diode", a small light source. An LED light contains hundreds or even thousands of such diodes, and when current passes through them, they will emit light. Today's LEDs can produce different colors of light, including red, green, and blue (RGB) primary colors. By using specialized light mixing options and the ability to control the brightness of each LED color, many color combinations can be produced.

Of course, there are some reasons why you may not want to use LEDs, but you may want to switch to lasers. These reasons include:

1. LED lights cannot fully realize the eye-catching patterns that lasers spread in your room or activity space.

2. They will lose brightness and focus over long distances, resulting in a spotty "cheese puff" effect. Lasers do not have this problem at long distances, which is part of the reason why you may have seen lasers on TikTok recently that can be used to ignite paper and explode balloons!

What is a laser light?

These types of lamps use lasers instead of LEDs for illumination. You can find lasers in stage laser lights, bar laser lights, portable party lights or projectors, such as laser projectors and Christmas tree decorations. No matter which type of laser you use, you will quickly notice that the laser is uniquely memorable and fascinating, whether you enjoy it alone or with your guests.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser

You may prefer lasers to LEDs because:

They create a dazzling atmosphere. Lasers can emit unique patterns, such as the "starry sky" effect that cannot be achieved with LEDs. There are two reasons for this: First, in the coherent light generated by the laser, all light waves propagate in exactly the same direction, which means that there is no loss of brightness or focus. Second, because this light travels in a narrow line, it can easily be diffracted into thousands of additional laser beams that project tiny colored dots into your space (so you can use Newfeel Party Series of laser projectors to obtain stunning starry sky effect).

They are super eye-catching. When you enter most indoor spaces, you are likely to see standard off-white or softer yellow tones. But what if you walk into a room and see a space engulfed by shimmering blue sky and vibrant green aurora? In this case, all your attention may be focused on the light. This is the point: the laser is particularly eye-catching.

LED laser lights are more energy-efficient. Since coherent light means no loss of brightness or focus, you don't have to use so much energy to illuminate your space. This is an important reason why lasers are more energy-efficient than their already very energy-efficient LED counterparts.

What is the difference between laser and LED?

Now that you know a lot about the characteristics of lasers and LEDs, let us discuss some of the main differences between these light types more. These include:

Continuity. LED will produce incoherent light, so it will produce the "cheese puff" effect and the long-distance focal length and low brightness. The laser produces coherent light, so the focus and brightness will not decrease with distance.

Color. A single laser beam will emit light of one color, while LEDs can display thousands of colors. In other words, if there are lasers of different wavelengths in the light, the lasers can emit more than one color. In addition, one color emitted by a laser beam will be brighter and more concentrated than the thousands of colors that an LED might emit.

Functions. The LED is monochromatic, but you have thousands of colors to choose from, which can be adjusted using an app connected via Bluetooth® or WiFi. Some LEDs also include color change options or appearance settings, such as blinking or blinking. Lasers usually only have one or two colors, but because of their coherence, you can use them to generate patterns and even images, such as a dancing Santa or a cheerful snowman.

Power level. LEDs generally have higher power levels than lasers. For example, our LED Galaxy Laser Light uses up to 2W of power, while a typical LED bulb may use up to 13.5W of power. In addition, compared with LEDs, lasers have a higher light (rather than heat) energy output.

How to choose the right laser or LED for you

Still wondering which LED or laser is more suitable for you? This is understandable-both obviously have their advantages and disadvantages. Try to look at this question in a different way: What does the lighting setup of your dreams require? Ask yourself the following questions before buying:

What is your budget? If you don't have much money to spend, or if you want to replace a large number of lamps and bulbs at once, then LEDs may be the best choice. If money is not an issue, you may prefer the dazzling effect of lasers and brighter, more focused light.

Where is lighting needed? Since LEDs are not visible at long distances, you may prefer to use lasers in any environment (indoor or outdoor) where you project light onto a surface a few feet away.

Why do you need lighting? If it’s party time, please consider that the starry sky effect may be more exciting to guests than the unpatterned monochrome LED. If you are hosting a small party, such as a festive dinner, LEDs may be more suitable for mood lighting and will not distract your guests from the ongoing ceremony.

What kind of lighting effect do you want? For single-color flashing or flickering of almost any color you want (or smooth fading in and out of multiple colors), try using LEDs. For starry sky, galaxy effects, holiday image projection or ambient aurora lighting, laser will provide you with better services. LEDs cannot emit patterns or multi-color light-and, as you now know, this is not the only way lasers stand out.

Choose LED Galaxy Laser Light for outstanding performance

For a light show that you and any guests will never forget, choose LED Galaxy Laser Light. Our laser can create eye-catching patterns that you may not see every day. Our red, green and blue can be relaxing, exciting, or simply novel. They are also more energy efficient, brighter, and more concentrated than similar LED products. At LED Galaxy Laser Light, we have a large number of laser-centric options to meet any of your needs-browse our store and see for yourself!

While analyzing the difference between stage LED lights and laser lights, we at Newfeellight are also thinking about what will happen if we combine the two lights? Next, I would like to introduce two products developed by us. The effect lights after the combination of laser lights and LED lights, please see the following products:


Laser Stage Lighting Moving Bar Fat Beam 6-14CH Channel 8 Eye

Product Description

Bar eight eyes LED laser light slow moving head 8 eye laser lights full color light show Red Green RGB color beam laser Projector

1.100000 hours of service life, low power consumption.

2. 8 pixel units (each laser is a pixel unit), which separately control the outstanding white beam effect, the dedicated advanced optical system.

3. High light output: red light: wavelength: 635nm, power: 150mW

4.18 times / second high speed stroboscopic and pulse stroboscopic effect, 0-100% smooth and linear dimming, amazing flow effect

5. 8 built-in default programs, call simple, 12 default pixel macro functions, 15 DMX channels, DMX512, master and slave, sound control or self - walk

6. LED display, the head is aluminum cooling system, no effect murmurs, the bottom is low noise fan cooling system, Powerco power input and output, and three core XLR connector.

Customized products accepted, pls free feel contact us for the details.

Rated voltage

AC100-240V50 ~ 60Hz

Rated power


Laser Source (Optional)

1. RGB: R: 150mw/650nm*2 G:80mw/532nm*4 B :100mw/445nm*2

2. Single Red: R500mw/638nm*8

3. Single Blue: B300nw or B500mw/445nm*8

4. Single Green: G60mw*8

Laser Pattern

A variety of coarse beam effect

Modulation signal

TTL modulation (analog modulation)

Control mode

DMX512, sound active, auto-run, master-slave

Control channel


Laser color

RGB full color (by setting the main menu can run full color / Green /Blue / red, pattern effect)

Cooling system

Fan forced cooling

Working environment


The Features of Galaxy Projector

The NewFeel™-Star Galaxy Projector is a compact, stylish, interactive gadget which engulfs any room in a sea of stars, light, and color. With user-friendly functions and endless projection effects, say goodbye to chunky lamps and immerse yourself in the wonders of the cosmic world with our constellation lamp. Whether you're looking to improve your sleep or looking to have a sparkling party at night. With 21 lighting modes, our galaxy and star projector is a unique way to light up parties, enhance your meditation experience, revitalize your workspace, or light a romantic dinner for two we guarantee the The NewFeel™-Galaxy Projector is for you. Our projector can even be used as a nightlight.


Deep space. The Cosmos. The Ocean of Emptiness. Regardless of what you name our universe of stars and planets, it’s tough to disclaim how charming and exquisite the big blackness is. Studies display lighting fixtures such that mimic stars aid lesson pressure and anxiety.The Nebula mild initiatives a practical starry night-time sky onto the partitions and ceiling. Its your personal private galaxy! Sound-activation will make a flashing mild to extrude styles with the beat of the music. Whether you're trying to enhance your sleep or trying to have a glowing birthday celebration at night-time, Nebula is for you!


-10 soothing color options(blue, red, green, white, purple, orange, yellow, red, white etc)

- Multicolored ocean wave lighting projection.

- Remote Control & Timer Settings (Auto Shut Off Option)

- Sound-Activated Flicker Mode with Music (Built-in Bluetooth Speaker to connect to your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth) IMPROVED SLEEP AND UPLIFTING ENVIRONMENT With the Newfeel Projector you will be able to achieve deeper, better quality sleep. It also works extremely well for lighting up parties and special occasions like christmas.
Here you could see all NEWFEEL LED laser light which can be portraits successful and that could show your personal patterns. Click on a specific display laser to find extra facts in our shop.







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